4 Signs That You Might Not Be an Entrepreneurial Material


Nowadays, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. How not to? Entrepreneurship sounds so exciting: making your dreams come true while earning millions; being your own boss and making all important decisions; having a team of employees, who follow religiously your lead; being under the spotlight; having the opportunity to travel, to work flexible hours and to enjoy life. This is how entrepreneurship is portrayed in many people’s minds.

But being a successful entrepreneur requires much more than a great idea and a garage where you can start building your product. It requires a set of personal skills, which many entrepreneurs, who have the knowledge and good ideas, don’t possess and this is why they fail. There are certain mindsets and personality traits that don’t go along with entrepreneurship, such as the following four.

You look for fast money

It is true. Being a successful entrepreneur can and will allow you to have comfortable living or to retire at age of 30. But this will not happen overnight. Before you enjoy the fruits of entrepreneurship, you need to put on the hard work. If you look for fast cash, you should reconsider your intentions of starting your own business.

You like to please people

Successful entrepreneurs are disruptors. They are on a mission to change the world as we know it. On their way, they make many friends, but also some enemies. Being under the spotlight attracts critics. If you are a people-pleaser and can’t take criticism and can’t defend your position when you are being attacked, you won’t be able to take the heat.

You take every NO personally

During your entrepreneurial journey, you will hear many rejections. People will say No to you for various reasons. The bank will not give you a bank loan, the investors will say no to your business idea, your spouse will say no to the idea of turning your living room into an improvised office, the press will say no to your press release, your first employees will say no when you ask them to stay a bit over time. No. No. No. If you take every No personally, you won’t make it through the first month of being an entrepreneur.

You lose interest easily

When it comes to idea flow, the shiny object syndrome is the worst that can happen to an entrepreneur. Having too many ideas can be very distracting. It might be the reason why you can’t bring anything to an end. If you easily get distracted or tend to jump from an idea to an idea before you even explore the first one, you will have a problem as an entrepreneur. If you lack focus, you won’t make it in entrepreneurship.

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