5 Ways to Make More Time for your Side Hustle

Do you have a great idea that you want to work on but you are not ready yet to give up your stable job? This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your side hustle. It means that you have to focus better and learn how to prioritize and how to manage your time more effectively.

To help you break the vicious circle of excuses, here we will talk about five of the things you can do to maximize your time and make a room in your busy schedule for your side project that might be not just a source of extra cash, but may be something even bigger.

Get up early or stay up late – it depends on what works for you better. Some people are more productive early in the morning, others prefer the late night hours when everyone is asleep and there are lesser distractions. Start by waking up one hour earlier or going to bed one hour later. Then slowly turn this one hour into two.

By the time you realize it, you will be spending 10 extra hours in a work week, working on your side project!

Your daily commute is a gold mine for time – we spend an average 1 hour in one direction on the way to work. Some people even more. This is a precious time that we spend driving! So, why not to be the passenger? Many people hate the idea of using public transportation on their way to work.

When you are the passenger you have the ability to focus on something important for your side hustle, answering emails for example. Just imagine if you turn the two+ hours commute time per day into productive work hours – suddenly you have added 10 more hours in your work week that are dedicated to your side hustle.

Create a reasonable schedule and stick to it – making a schedule is the easiest part, sticking to it is what is difficult. A common mistake that many busy entrepreneurs make is to overfill their schedules, which makes it impossible to follow everything that is on the list. The only thing that will happen is to lose your motivation and give up even in the things that you can actually accomplish.

Create a realistic schedule and follow it. Soon you will realize that you accomplish the tasks faster and you actually have more spare time. Then is the time to include some extra tasks in your busy day. Following a schedule creates a habit. And habits are easy to perform. So, don’t overdo it from the beginning, give yourself time to adapt to the workflow and with no time you will be ready to increase the workload.

Use your weekends wisely – the weekends are a great time not only to work on your side hustle but also to prepare for the week ahead. Saturdays are a great time to de-charge, to meet some friends, to take a walk in nature, to read a book or watch a movie. A perfect way to relax and avoid burnout. Sundays are perfect for doing things that will make the upcoming week easier – go shopping, do some meal prep, do laundry, finish some small tasks that take up time during the week like preparing your outfit for the whole week, so you don’t have to spend half an hour for it every morning.

Ask for the support of your friends and family – they are the people, who can give you the extra push when you need it. Explain to your closest people that you will be spending extra time on your side hustle. Make sure they understand how important this is to you. Their understanding and support will help you feel more motivated and inspired, which will increase your performance at the work you do.

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