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The Fundamentals of Attracting Influencers to Your Startup

Connecting with high-level industry influencers and establishing good relationships with them can make a significant difference to the popularization and online visibility of your brand. Having a well-known, trusted and respected influencer with an impressive social following to advocate your brand gives you competitive advantage and increases the chances of attracting more people to your business….

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Weekly Startup Focus: CornerJob, Fundbox and Kompyte

To thrive in the competitive world of entrepreneurship is not an easy goal to achieve. The emerging startups that want to disrupt whole markets must rely on innovation and need to provide effective solutions to important problems. In our column on weekly basis we present three interesting companies from different entrepreneurial hubs around the world…

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4 Common Traits of Entrepreneurs with Go-Getter Personalities

Becoming an entrepreneur is very personal decision – for some people comes naturally, for others comes all of the sudden as a result of unpredicted circumstances.  The reasons to start a business venture vary from person to person, so do the reasons why some succeed and others fail. Entrepreneurs, who not only achieve their goals,…

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Larry Ellison
20 Powerful Larry Ellison Quotes to Inspire Success and Innovation

Larry Ellison, the well-known American businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, co-founder of Oracle, one of the richest men in the world and often called “the real-life Tony Stark”, is a great inspiration for many people around the world. To note the powerful impact that he has had on generations of entrepreneurs, here we’ve collected 20 of…

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Keep Calm: Discover Your Personal Entrepreneurial Style!

Entrepreneurs are some of the most passionate and extremely driven people, who work hard towards achieving their goals and put a lot of effort into overcoming all obstacles along their way. They are driven by motivation and ambition, by a vision and mission to create something that has never been seen before, something that will…

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7 Attitudes to Embrace During Pitching and Networking Events

Possessing the most common traits of great entrepreneurs, such as talent, knowledge, experience, passion and ambition, doesn’t guarantee you success. Many other entrepreneurs are also very passionate about their businesses, are talented and really good at what they do, so the competition is tough. The thing that can really differentiate you from the rest and…

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3 Goal Setting Strategies to Help You Achieve Great Results

The ability to set clear goals and to work towards achieving these goals determines the future success of every entrepreneur. Some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of our times like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are great visionaries, but also are known as inspiring goal setters. To achieve great results, having well-defined, measurable and realistic…

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Is Timing The Most Important Element of Startup Success?

Many entrepreneurs give in to doubt before they start their business ventures, yet once they overcome this awful feeling of self-doubt and their companies pick up and achieve growth many of the founders start to ask themselves the question: Why haven’t I started earlier? Imagine that – you’ve had “this amazing idea” for years but…

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Fundamentals of Innovation Management For Startup Founders

Continuous innovation is one of the key components of entrepreneurial success. The entrepreneurs need to focus on implementing innovative strategies in every aspect of their businesses. Many startup owners focus solely on developing the products, channel their efforts, time and resources in this direction and overlook the importance of innovating in all company links. Entrepreneurs,…

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Weekly Startup Focus: Impraise, Clustree and Fundwise

The number of impactful startups from around the world that are driving innovation, disrupting whole industries, accelerating job growth and boosting the economy in general is growing tremendously. The need to stay on track with what is happening on the international startup scene is the reason why on weekly basis we present to our audience…

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