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Noreena Hertz on How to Use Experts and When Not To

We make important decisions on daily basis – some of them really small like where we will have dinner tonight and some of them really significant like choosing the college we want to study at, choosing the partner we want to marry or even quitting the stable job that we have to pursue our entrepreneurial…

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The Ultimate Damage Control Action Map for Entrepreneurs

Nobody, even the most experienced entrepreneurs and the most successful business minds in the world, is immune to failure. We all make mistakes and sometimes it is a good thing. In times, we just need for something big (and uncomfortable) to happen to realize that a change should be made. After a major failure comes…

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Startup skills
The 5 Types of Online Management Courses Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

Many people make the leap to entrepreneurship because they want to be their own boss. The ability to take all important business decisions is satisfying and liberating, but also carries a lot of responsibilities. Learning how to manage well the processes within the company makes it easier for the entrepreneurs to take better decisions and…

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Beyond PR or Three Different Ways to Get Your Name Out There

Building a business brand is an ongoing project that every entrepreneur must evaluate often and update regularly. The development and implementation of the traditional marketing and PR strategies are essential for the success of every starting company, but often the entrepreneurs need to go the extra mile in order to achieve better results.

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Digital Decluttering
The Simplest Guide to Digital Decluttering for Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, most of the work we do is done through our computers or smartphones. Almost everything is done online – we run businesses online, communicate online, plan and keep track on everything through apps and online tools. Technology helps us to save time, be more productive and achieve more.

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Business Model Innovation during the Rise of Sharing Economy

Business model innovation is something that all successful startups are really good at. They have the advantage before global companies to be more open to embracing different business approaches. Startups have the ability to model their businesses on the go, while big companies struggle to embrace all the change that technology and innovation bring on…

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The Greatest Business Pivots That Changed the World

Sometimes companies have two options left after their initial idea fails – to change the course of direction quickly or to admit the defeat. The history remembers only the brave entrepreneurs, who couldn’t accept failure as a final option and made the decision to take a different course of direction and to pivot.

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10 Quotes that Give a Different Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Futuristic minds and visionaries see the future driven by technology in different ways. The clash of opinion about the future of AI between two of the most successful entrepreneurs of our times Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg proves how interesting the topic is and how uncertain the results…

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4 Steps to Leverage Your Strengths and Build a Business That Thrives

Finding your personal and entrepreneurial strengths have a tremendous power and can change your life forever. It can give you the motivation and confidence to turn into a business something that you truly enjoy doing and are truly passionate about.

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How to Gain the Respect of Investors During a Pitch

There are many challenges that the entrepreneurs face when it comes to investor pitching. Getting the attention of the investors is difficult yet achievable, but gaining their respect during the pitch is something that not many entrepreneurs can easily accomplish. Young entrepreneurs, who are just starting their ventures and have no experience, are often underestimated…

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