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5 Lessons to Learn Before You Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Launching a crowdfunding campaign is a serious job that takes much more effort than only making a “fun and engaging” YouTube video to present the product. Most of the entrepreneurs, who have run successful crowdfunding campaigns, share that it has taken them approximately 30 hours per week to manage the course of their campaigns throughout…

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Intuition and Entrepreneurship: Go with Your Gut!

The ability to effectively judge a situation and evaluate appropriately an opportunity in a way allowing you to see the full potential can be very powerful skill for entrepreneurs. Business owners and startup enthusiasts, who are able to recognize opportunity when it comes their way, have strong advantage over the competition.  Building a company is…

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Business classes
4 Accounting and Finance Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

The financial aspect of every business venture is one of the most important aspects of building a company that all entrepreneurs should focus on. By understanding the basic accounting principles and terminology and by knowing the fundamentals of entrepreneurial finance and capital raising, the entrepreneurs become better prepared for the challenges that are to come…

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Redefining Entrepreneurship: A New Way to Look at Startups

Creating a company from scratch and growing it to successful business takes much more than just an idea and passion. It is a long process that demands a lot of sacrifices, hard work, dedication, talent and a pinch of luck. The path to building a successful company is nothing like a smooth ride on a…

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The Three Rules of Giving Effective Feedback to Employees

The power of receiving feedback is unquestionable nevertheless it is positive or negative. Through feedback the entrepreneurs and team members can get a better insight of the work they do and can understand better how their efforts are being seen through the eyes of others. Receiving feedback can be very useful, especially when it is…

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Weekly Startup Focus: Speakap, Surfly and Casengo

Exploring the global startup scene is very interesting and exciting experience. It is a great way to learn more about starting companies, but also is a great way to discover interesting new products and improved services. To keep the excitement of learning more about promising startups from around the world, this week we are keeping…

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The Main Predictors of Startup Success

Entrepreneurs, who try to gain new knowledge, to expand their horizons and to get fresh perspective on the way their entrepreneurial paths are heading, need to rely on different sources of information and inspiration. Through mentoring, many startup owners learn some of the most valuable business lessons. Being guided by experienced advisers, investors and successful…

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3 Effective Ways to Reach Your Full Potential as an Entrepreneur

Everyone wants to be successful in their professional lives, to feel satisfied with their achievements and to exceed even their biggest expectations. Entrepreneurs on everyday basis do their best to keep improving, to grow and to become better leaders. To reach their full potential they must make extra effort, to work harder and more focused…

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Richard Branson
20 Richard Branson Quotes to Enrich Your Entrepreneurial Life

Sir Richard Branson is one of the most aspiring entrepreneurs of our times. He is British business magnate, investor, philanthropist, founder of Virgin group and is best known for his passion for business, his innovative employee policies, his vision for achievement and belief in the importance of happiness. Here we have collected 20 of his…

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The Most Common Startup Funding Myths

Successful startups have many things in common, but also have many differences, making them unique, competitive and innovative. Building a company from scratch is not an easy job – it requires much more than talent and hard work. Even though there isn’t one recipe to follow, the key ingredients of startup success are easy to…

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