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Weekly Startup Focus: VersionPress, Funzi, ARTFLAKES

For our Weekly Startup Focus column, we are looking for ideas worth spreading and for innovative startups that have great potential and are providing valuable services to their clients and users. This week we introduce to you VersionPress (Czech Republic), Funzi (Finland) and ARTFLAKES (Germany). VersionPress Founded in 2013, this Prague-based startup offers an innovative…

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Personal Development Goals Ambitious Entrepreneurs Pursue

Ambitious people are identified with their inexhaustible desire for success, with the high goals that they set and with the determination and devotion to reach these goals. Entrepreneurs, who are driven by passion and ambition, are unstoppable – they take risks, embrace all challenges and never give up. As great achievers, ambitious entrepreneurs are often…

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Business model
Four Business Model Canvas Tools for Startups

Many startup ventures are unsuccessful because the entrepreneurs fail to create strong business models by setting too optimistic and unrealistic goals and action plans. In order to avoid making crucial mistakes, entrepreneurs should focus on what really matters for their companies and outline the viability of the business in their business models. Some of the…

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Five Awesome Websites to Learn How to Code

Entrepreneurs must possess dozens of skills that more or less determine the success of their ventures. In the highly competitive business world it is essential to be different, more prepared and overall simply better than the rest in order to succeed. Non-technical founders often overlook the importance of learning how to code (even the basics)…

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How to Bounce Back from a Major Setback

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to dealing with challenges, constant setbacks and major failures. This is the hard way to success – through failure. Knowing that does not help much when the circumstances seem unbearable and the solution for a problem looks impossible to find. Everything in life in some point gets related with a sort…

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Motivation Boost: 25 Thoughts That Will Inspire You to Do Anything

Confidence is essential personality trait of every successful entrepreneur – it is surely paving the way to prosperity. The power of inspired and passionate visionaries is driving the world of innovative ideas and businesses to flourish. Motivation is essential element of every entrepreneurial journey. To inspire you to do anything, here we’ve collected for you…

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What Does It Take to Be a Great Leader?

The investment in leadership development is extremely important for the business and the efforts dedicated to cultivating leaders in companies are tremendously growing. Yet, there is still a lack of successful results. Entrepreneurs must focus on improving their leadership skills on everyday basis in order to lead the company to great achievements by motivating the…

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Business relationship
How to Build Strong Business Relationship with an Investor

The importance of establishing strong business relationships with the investors is enormous, mostly because these relationships determine the success of the company. Many investors participate actively in the decision-making process and endorse the growth of the company through giving advice and using their expertise and connections. To maximize the effect of working together and sharing…

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Crowdfunding campaigns
3 Additional Benefits of Running Crowdfunding Campaigns

Undoubtedly, crowdfunding is a revolutionary way to secure funding and to support and help innovative ideas to become actual products and services. Basically, if you are building customer-oriented business, crowdfunding is something, which you should seriously consider. After running a successful campaign, which has raised more money than the initial goal, the chances of securing…

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Market research
4 Powerful Market Research Tools for Startups

Launching a new product to a market with high competition is extremely challenging process. Many startups fail because they struggle to secure sufficient market share for their products. If you want to minimize the risk when you launch a new product or expand your business, conducting adequate market research can give you the right information…

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