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Weekly Startup Focus: Sorry as a Service, Take an ad, Raye7

Entrepreneurial communities around the world are thriving and many startup hubs are getting stronger. The importance of encouraging the growth and strength of the startup communities is significant. In the global world that we live in, connecting entrepreneurs from different ages and backgrounds has never been easier, which doesn’t make it less important. All people,…

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Public speaking
Successful Public Speaking Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Rely On

Pitching investors is very stressful for entrepreneurs who are not confident enough with their presentation skills. The stress often gets to the speakers, leaving them unable to present their otherwise carefully-crafted and well-rehearsed pitches. Public speaking is something that many people fear and intentionally avoid. But entrepreneurs are on a mission to change the world…

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Productivity Hack: How to Work Less and Get More Done

It is believed that by putting more time into something the chances to become better at it are higher. Somehow true, this statement is not always accurate. Investing time in specific activities is going to be fruitful only if it is spend effectively. The levels of productivity determine the outcomes of your efforts. In entrepreneurship,…

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Three Ways to Make Your Pitch Stand Out from the Crowd

One of the most challenging parts of starting and growing a company is fundraising. It is as tough as it is because the competition is extremely strong and the process of securing funding becomes very intense. There are many entrepreneurs out there trying their best to win the attention of the investors as much as…

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6 Websites to Find a Co-Founder for Your Startup

Choosing a co-founder for a startup venture is one of the most important decisions that an entrepreneur has to make. The co-founders must complement each other’s skills, to share the same vision for the future of the company and to succeed in leading together the company in the right direction. Investors prefer to invest in…

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How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The life of an entrepreneur is very colorful and dynamic; it is challenging, busy and often chaotic. Businesses are hard to be built – it takes dedication, the right motivation, hard work and never-ending enthusiasm. Running a startup is unpredictable experience but there is one thing that is certain – it is never boring. But…

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5 Things You Can Do Every Day to Become a Better Entrepreneur

There is one much valued key word in entrepreneurship – growth. Startup teams focus on growth extensively and put a lot of effort in achieving great results. But there is one thing, which all entrepreneurs should never forget – the importance of achieving professional and personal growth themselves. It is difficult to find time on…

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3 Key Traits to Look for in a Potential Investor

Fundraising is important process and all entrepreneurs need help and guidance when the time for raising capital comes. To make the most of every opportunity at this critical point, they need to approach and choose the right investor, who will be able to bring much more on the table than the cash. Money matters but…

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Muhammad Ali: 10 Inspirational Quotes from the Greatest

Muhammad Ali was not only one the most significant athletes in the 20th century but also a person who has inspired many people from different backgrounds to start following their dreams and to start believing in themselves. His impact has extended far beyond the boxing ring and the words “I’m gonna show you how great…

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Time Management Matters: Say NO to Unproductive Meetings

Every person values some things more than others and entrepreneurs value their ideas, their money and most importantly their time. Time is the most valuable asset for business owners and the ability to manage effectively their schedules is of a great advantage.  There are so many things that should be taken care of in a…

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