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Introvert entrepreneurs
Three Personal Branding Tips for Introvert Entrepreneurs

Successful branding is the most powerful way to accelerate the growth of your starting company. Building a recognizable brand that is valued by the customers and is very attractive to the targeted audience is not an easy job, but with the right approach and with the use of the appropriate tools and strategies any startup…

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How to Find the Right Investor for Your Startup

At some certain moment, every startup gets to the point of needing money in order to continue its existence and accelerate its growth. Looking for funding is a long process that requires a lot of effort from the entrepreneurs. But to make the fundraising more effective, the ultimate goal here becomes not just raising specific…

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Productive entrepreneurs
8 Things Really Productive Entrepreneurs Never Do

Successful entrepreneurs, who value their time, know how to be more productive and how to make the most of every minute of their work day. All entrepreneurs have different working styles that match their schedules and personalities. The key to becoming the master of one’s time and to learning how to maximize the effect of their…

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3 TED Talks to Help You Make Better Decisions

The decisions entrepreneurs make on daily basis determine the course of their startup journey. The business choices they make are very important. From finding the right co-founder to join them on their startup adventure through hiring their first employees to choosing a funding method or an investor to work with – it is all a…

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3 Key Components of Successful Risk Management Strategy

Starting a business is exciting, but also a very risky venture. The opportunities are tremendous, so are the obstacles. This is why the entrepreneurs should determine the biggest risks that they may face and craft an operative plan to minimize their effects. The product, market fit, execution, and financial risks are the four main challenges…

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4 Steps of Generating and Implementing Innovative Ideas

Entrepreneurs, who tend to focus solely on their day-to-day work, tend to fall into a routine. The creative spark often fades away when the stress and pressure of running a business takes over. Thinking creatively is important in every level and stage of development of the company. By inspiring forward thinking, the entrepreneurs create more…

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Hacking Startup PR: 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs on Budget

Newly-created companies and startups that are trying to get off the ground rarely can afford to hire the services of professional PR agency to help them receive the media coverage they need. The lack of money doesn’t have to stop you from aiming to get press, because getting press is awesome for many reasons! It…

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Weekly Startup Focus: EasySize, Outify.me and Wanderio

The startup world is dynamic and exciting, fast-spinning and extremely interesting. Innovative ideas disrupt whole industries and solve important problems. Entrepreneurs with creative ideas create products and services that improve different aspects of people’s lives. In our column, we tend to focus on companies that bring unique value to their marketplace. This is why this…

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Are You a Bad Leader? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Leadership is proven to be one of the most important business fundamentals that should be mastered by entrepreneurs. Good leadership skills increase drastically the chances of startup success. There are some people, who are natural born leaders. Others need to spend the time to actually learn about the traits of a successful leader, to embrace…

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Email marketing
10 Awesome Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

The email marketing is very powerful and effective way to connect with current customers, to attract new ones and, therefore, to increase sales. The email connection remains private, establishing stronger relationship with the customers and generating the highest ROI for the marketing team. Email marketing, when done right, can bring many benefits, making it the…

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