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The Two Basic Steps to Overcoming Entrepreneurial Uncertainty

Have you ever thought that successful entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience and many surefire projects behind their backs have it all figured out? Surprisingly, this is not always the truth. The facts speak louder than assumptions – entrepreneurial uncertainty is part of the lives of even the most self-aware and agile entrepreneurs. The only…

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PR for Startups: The Ultimate Guide

In the competitive world of entrepreneurship where small companies with great ideas and products, which are led by ambitious entrepreneurs, are emerging on daily basis, getting press coverage is extremely important for startups that are trying to get off the ground. Getting journalists, bloggers and niche influencers to notice you can give you a great…

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Weekly Startup Focus: Lookback, Scheduit and Talent.io

As we continue to keep our focus on everything new, interesting and exciting happening in the global entrepreneurial and fast-growing startup scene, this week in our weekly column once again we are introducing to our community three promising startups – meet Lookback, Scheduit and Talent.io. Lookback Founded in 2013, the Swedish startup Lookback helps businesses…

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Arianna Huffington
20 Insightful Quotes from the Fearless Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is a Greek-American author, columnist, entrepreneur and the famous co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. The following quotes by the fearless businesswoman will inspire every entrepreneur to be more confident, to embrace fear, failure and the fear of failure, to look for the greater purpose of life and to be brave enough…

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3 Awesome Social Media Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs

Having strong online presence is very important for every starting business, yet many entrepreneurs neglect this fact for different reasons like the lack of time and resources. Fortunately, there are many tools available that can help the busy entrepreneurs to enhance their social media presence. Here we will present to you three awesome social media…

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5 Useful Tips for Upcoming Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Every single entrepreneurial journey is unique. You may feel prepared, confident and ready to dive into the deep water of entrepreneurship, but the truth is you will never be absolutely ready for the things to come. It is up to you to make the most of it and to turn the odds in your advantage….

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3 Ways to Build Startup Culture of Transparency

Building strong company culture is one of the main priorities of entrepreneurs with strong leadership skills. Great startups are built by awesome teams of talented people, who share the same vision and core values as the founders of the company, which is why transparency is essential element of every effective startup culture. Building a culture…

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The Fundamentals of Attracting Influencers to Your Startup

Connecting with high-level industry influencers and establishing good relationships with them can make a significant difference to the popularization and online visibility of your brand. Having a well-known, trusted and respected influencer with an impressive social following to advocate your brand gives you competitive advantage and increases the chances of attracting more people to your business….

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Weekly Startup Focus: CornerJob, Fundbox and Kompyte

To thrive in the competitive world of entrepreneurship is not an easy goal to achieve. The emerging startups that want to disrupt whole markets must rely on innovation and need to provide effective solutions to important problems. In our column on weekly basis we present three interesting companies from different entrepreneurial hubs around the world…

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4 Common Traits of Entrepreneurs with Go-Getter Personalities

Becoming an entrepreneur is very personal decision – for some people comes naturally, for others comes all of the sudden as a result of unpredicted circumstances.  The reasons to start a business venture vary from person to person, so do the reasons why some succeed and others fail. Entrepreneurs, who not only achieve their goals,…

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