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3 Awesome Social Media Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs

Having strong online presence is very important for every starting business, yet many entrepreneurs neglect this fact for different reasons like the lack of time and resources. Fortunately, there are many tools available that can help the busy entrepreneurs to enhance their social media presence. Here we will present to you three awesome social media…

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Five Online Tools to Help You Stick to Your Goals

Setting goals is easy. Sticking to them… well, not so much. Whatever you want to achieve – to stay on top of your schedule, to learn a new skill or to take up a hobby or sports routine, it is not enough to just set the goal. It is essential to get to action and…

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Hacking Startup PR: 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs on Budget

Newly-created companies and startups that are trying to get off the ground rarely can afford to hire the services of professional PR agency to help them receive the media coverage they need. The lack of money doesn’t have to stop you from aiming to get press, because getting press is awesome for many reasons! It…

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Email marketing
10 Awesome Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

The email marketing is very powerful and effective way to connect with current customers, to attract new ones and, therefore, to increase sales. The email connection remains private, establishing stronger relationship with the customers and generating the highest ROI for the marketing team. Email marketing, when done right, can bring many benefits, making it the…

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10 Fitness and Health Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur and a devoted business leader, it is important to take care of your personal well-being in order to stay healthy, full of energy and strength. Today’s mobile capabilities are allowing every person, even the busiest entrepreneur, to easily take charge of their own health habits, healthcare and fitness goals. Don’t neglect your…

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Financial management
Money Matters: 5 Financial Management Tools for Startups

Entrepreneurs play different roles in their companies – they often run the business solely or with the help of a co-founder or first startup employees. Even though the best entrepreneurs can wear many hats, it can be challenging and often can lead to many mistakes. Poor money management is one of the potential mistakes that…

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innovation management
5 Idea and Innovation Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Ideas and innovation have special place in the world of entrepreneurship. It is important for entrepreneurs to find a way to collect and organize the ideas in a way that will allow them to easily sift the best ones from the bad ones, to brainstorm with their team members and to create actual execution plans…

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Business model
Four Business Model Canvas Tools for Startups

Many startup ventures are unsuccessful because the entrepreneurs fail to create strong business models by setting too optimistic and unrealistic goals and action plans. In order to avoid making crucial mistakes, entrepreneurs should focus on what really matters for their companies and outline the viability of the business in their business models. Some of the…

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Five Awesome Websites to Learn How to Code

Entrepreneurs must possess dozens of skills that more or less determine the success of their ventures. In the highly competitive business world it is essential to be different, more prepared and overall simply better than the rest in order to succeed. Non-technical founders often overlook the importance of learning how to code (even the basics)…

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Market research
4 Powerful Market Research Tools for Startups

Launching a new product to a market with high competition is extremely challenging process. Many startups fail because they struggle to secure sufficient market share for their products. If you want to minimize the risk when you launch a new product or expand your business, conducting adequate market research can give you the right information…

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