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Startup pitch
Special Interview with Andrea Barrica, Startup Pitch Coach and Venture Partner at 500 Startups

Crafting an effective startup pitch unarguably is one of the most important non-business components of every startup strategy. Mastering the art of the pitch helps entrepreneurs to increase their chances not only of securing funding, but also of getting talented team members and experienced mentors on board. Receiving advice on pitching is of a great…

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Special Interview with Faisal Al Bitar, Assistant Investment Manager at Oasis500

Oasis500 is the leading seed stage investment and business accelerator in the MENA region, which is designed to create a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem by developing and funding startup companies. Oasis500 was one of the valuable partners of ThePitcher 2016 event! In a special interview for ThePitcher, Faisal Al Bitar, Assistant Investment Manager within Oasis500, gives…

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Elevator pitch
The Essential Components of the Perfect Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is one of the most powerful tools, which entrepreneurs use on their way to achieving their business goals. Whether they are looking for the right investor or presenting their businesses to potential partners, clients or associates, the elevator pitch is the ideal way to present an overview of your company and highlight…

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Business idea
Effective Ways to Clearly Explain Your Business Idea to Anyone

One of the ingredients that guarantee the success of your business pitch is simplicity. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle to effectively introduce their companies to potential investors and clients, because they make the presentation too complicated. It is extremely difficult, especially for entrepreneurs, who work on the development of complex tech-oriented businesses. The…

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Decode Pitching: 4 Signs that an Investor is Interested in Your Startup

Pitching events bring tremendous amount of opportunities to the entrepreneurs. All startups that are presenting on stage have the chance to win the attention of the investors, which can lead to many positive outcomes and securing funding is just one of them. But how can “a pitcher” know if they are going in the right…

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Pitching events
How Attending Pitching Events Improve the Chances of Investment

Investors don’t only look for the business aspects when they choose a startup to invest in, but also are very interested in the entrepreneur’s personality and abilities when they make their investment decisions. They are able to effectively observe and efficiently estimate the potential of a startup, especially when their judgment is backed by solid…

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Pitching events
3 Reasons to Attend Pitching Events if You Are Not Currently Fundraising

Many entrepreneurs begin attending pitching and networking events only when the time for raising money has come. This is not the boldest move to make. Fundraising is tough. It is challenging, competitive and can take a lot of time. Start the process of turning the odds of securing funding in your favor much before you…

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5 Ways to Make Your Startup Irresistible to Investors

Raising funds for a starting company is not an easy task. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs start preparing themselves for this moment long before they actually need (or are ready) to start raising money. They know what it takes to build a company that is irresistible to the investors. Here we will boil down the most important steps…

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Three Proven Pitch Tactics That Impress Investors

Fundraising is never easy. It is challenging because the stake is so high and the competition is so strong. To make the most of your pitch, you should be able to impress the investors and stand out from the crowd while you still manage to keep your authenticity. As there is no secret recipe that…

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How to Make the First 30 Seconds of Your Pitch Count

Undoubtedly, the first impression people get from us really matters! It takes just 30 seconds for an investor to decide if they are interested in your pitch. When pitching, if you don’t win the attention of the audience from the very beginning, it will be very difficult for you to get it somewhere in the…

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