The Pitcher 2017: Top 20 Startups Announced!

This year more than 500 startups from 14 different countries and 16 different tech verticals applied for The Pitcher event. The amount of great ideas, extraordinary teams and unique pitch decks, which all applicants presented, pleasantly surprised and deeply inspired us. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to the finals.

After a long and very difficult evaluation process, we are ready and very happy to announce the top 20 startups that will take by storm The Pitcher 2017 stage on April 15th.

Meet The Pitcher 2017 TOP 20!

Money Nanny is personal finance app which allows you to plan your budget without the hassle of adding expenses manually. If you are bad with planning, forgot to manually input spent amount, budget goes spiral down, rent is coming and wish list goes further to the future, Money Nanny has a solution for your problems! The team behind the app has created finance system (mobile and web), which maintains and plans your budget hassle free. All what customer needs is to set wish lists and future plans. The rest Money Nanny will take care of. It wisely plans your budget and tracks your spendings.

Nobody is safe when we talk about financial crisis, but Yamaska Capital is aiming to change that for the better! The founder of Yamaska Capital has developed a financial algorithm that targets to protect any large investor (e.g. Fortune 100 corporations) against financial crises. It is an exciting project to keep an eye on as it is here to stay and to change the FinTech sector tremendously!

Host My Pet is an online platform that makes it extremely easy for pet owners to find local, qualified and trusted sitters to take care of their pets while they are away. The available services include pet boarding, home visit, daycare and dog walking.

HeyDoc! is an award winning global telemedicine platform dedicated to connecting patients with the right medical consultants, wherever they are, in the easiest way possible. HeyDoc! offers delivering in-app consultations, for the non-urgent medical cases eliminating the need for physical appointments.

Brandalis allows you to share & follow your favorite brands and products! From fashion and sports through cosmetics and technology to wining and dining entertainment you will never again miss something important as the Lovemark content in one single platform!

My Trusted Will keeps your family and loved ones in touch with you, even after you pass away. You can text them, call them on phone, leave videos, audios, documents, lovely gifts, and much more!

Ecomodation is startup that presents to the world zero energy new generation eco houses! Ecomodation is a 100% off grid habitation module. It is a prefabricated assembly module, easily assembled and disassembled by two people within a day. It is resistant to inclement weather conditions and can stored away in your shed or attic until you decide to set it up again wherever you decide the next time.

Sweaters is mobile application creating local sports communities to support users in meeting new sports buddies, sharing sport moments, and finding sport related businesses.

ADVRCO is a startup that aims to disrupt the real estate industry by offering SaaS Do-It-Yourself Virtual Reality system for real estate market where real estate agents can prepare 360 virtual tour and VR content by themselves at a fraction of market costs.

The company develops a new generation web based university information system solution and digital ecosystem which is called 3fCampus. Their solutions are focused on education sector, including universities, colleges, vocational schools, and other institutions.

Joker Menus is the fastest and the easiest to use mobile app for making and paying restaurant orders before you even get to the place. The app focuses on efficiency as it reduces the time wasted on long queues, which can be very frustrating for both customers and restaurant employees.

Kiraplus is a smart rental platform which aims to make all leases simple, fast, reliable and advantageous.

QuaNode generates coding free software that helps you focus on frontends without the need to code the backend as the machine does it for free!

Even though esport tournaments are one of the hottest topics in the sport industry, little attention is paid to the fact that the competitors also train hard and prepare themselves devotedly. Should they do it on their own? E-Sport Akademi, the only online gaming lessons provider in Turkey, makes sure that the esport enthusiasts have all they need in order to get ready for the next competition. The services the startup provides include game coaching, online lessons, educational videos and some exclusive tips and tricks. Something that no esport enthusiast should miss out!

Styleo is a startup that aims to improve the way sales are made through Instagram as they offer Instagram integration and included Virtual Pos, Plug&play ecommerce website and marketplace for Instagram sellers. And to top all of that, the sellers will have their own website and also option to take part in marketplace.

Bisou is an innovative art/technology startup from Istanbul, Turkey. Bisou is the world’s first digitally customizable necklace & magnet. It allows you to upload and choose from numerous designs through the Bisou app and wear them on your pendant, which has an outstanding round AMOLED display. It has been created for those who like to be out, the total extroverts!

Boutique Experiences is a SocioDigital platform that helps romantic consumers by providing them with alternative experiences.

By Boutique the team implies simply quality and qualified individuals and the Experiences can be anything as long as it’s authentic and unique such as amigurumi classes at mountains to yoga classes on a boat in the middle of the sea, from gourmet expeditions to seeking a specific fish in the middle of Mediterranean!

7Story is the only company in the Eurozone that has an interactive video platform and is producing interactive videos.  The team has dedicated their efforts on working on corporate e-learning and developing a SaaS that measures the KPI metrics of interactive educational videos in its library and providing the ability for users to create their own interactive educational videos.

The team is developing an application to automatically manage Amazon e-commerce marketing services for clients, by precisely monitoring the inventory, sales, costs, competitors, statics to analyze their dynamic situation and take necessary actions to generate ROI on their operations.

SuKolay is a mobile application that makes ordering bottled water very simple. The app is very easy to use: just save your address, see all water brands and products nearby, and with one click you will have your order placed.

Congratulations to all! We are looking forward to seeing you pitch on The Pitcher 2017 stage on April 15th!

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