How to Spend the Last Minutes of Your Busy Work Day

Entrepreneurs spend long hours in the office – in most cases they are the first to arrive and the last to leave. By the end of the day, they just rush out of office, so they can grab a bite, make it in time for an evening business meeting or finally to get home and get some sleep.

However, finishing the day in a rush can leave the feeling that you are missing something important or something is not completed right. The way you spend the last few minutes in the office can actually reduce stress and help you feel less anxious. There are three simple things that you can do to make the most of these last 15 minutes in the office. Check them out!

Go through your notes

The last 15 minutes of your day are the perfect time to go over all notes that you have taken during the day. Sometimes we write down things or bookmark pages with the idea to get back to them when the time is more convenient and then just forget about it. How many great ideas you have passed on just because you have forgotten about them? Take the time to declutter your desk and your desktop and organize all notes. This simple activity will help you keep track on all new ideas that you have!

Organize your schedule for the next day

Having well-organized schedule is essential for all entrepreneurs, yet it is very difficult to go smoothly through all daily tasks and to accomplish everything on the list. The schedules of entrepreneurs are very dynamic. Evaluating them on weekly basis is not enough, it should be done daily. Check out the agenda for the next day to prepare mentally for the upcoming meetings and tasks. This simple task will give you the confidence of feeling more prepared.

Evaluate the day

Take the last minutes of your work day to evaluate what you have accomplished and what you couldn’t. It will give you a perspective on what you could have done differently to maximize your efforts and your time.  Ask yourselves: What could have I done differently to have better results?

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