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The Pitcher 2016 Participant IUGO Secures $400 000 Investment from Keiretsu Forum Turkey

We are happy to announce that one of the pitchers, who took the stage by storm during The Pitcher 2016 event, IUGO secured $400 000 investment by Keiretsu Forum Turkey, with a business valuation of $4.5 million. Founded two years ago, IUGO is a smart device project, which is focusing on improving the driving experience…

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Special Interview with Faisal Al Bitar, Assistant Investment Manager at Oasis500

Oasis500 is the leading seed stage investment and business accelerator in the MENA region, which is designed to create a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem by developing and funding startup companies. Oasis500 was one of the valuable partners of ThePitcher 2016 event! In a special interview for ThePitcher, Faisal Al Bitar, Assistant Investment Manager within Oasis500, gives…

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The Most Common Startup Funding Myths

Successful startups have many things in common, but also have many differences, making them unique, competitive and innovative. Building a company from scratch is not an easy job – it requires much more than talent and hard work. Even though there isn’t one recipe to follow, the key ingredients of startup success are easy to…

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Pitching events
How Attending Pitching Events Improve the Chances of Investment

Investors don’t only look for the business aspects when they choose a startup to invest in, but also are very interested in the entrepreneur’s personality and abilities when they make their investment decisions. They are able to effectively observe and efficiently estimate the potential of a startup, especially when their judgment is backed by solid…

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Effective Ways for Startups to Attract Angel Investors and VCs

Entrepreneurs often get stressed when the time to raise capital for their companies comes. It is a very challenging moment, especially when we talk about first-time investment from angel investors or VCs. The competition is tough and the stakes are very high, so it is important the entrepreneurs to be well-prepared, to pay attention to…

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5 Ways to Make Your Startup Irresistible to Investors

Raising funds for a starting company is not an easy task. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs start preparing themselves for this moment long before they actually need (or are ready) to start raising money. They know what it takes to build a company that is irresistible to the investors. Here we will boil down the most important steps…

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Three Proven Pitch Tactics That Impress Investors

Fundraising is never easy. It is challenging because the stake is so high and the competition is so strong. To make the most of your pitch, you should be able to impress the investors and stand out from the crowd while you still manage to keep your authenticity. As there is no secret recipe that…

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Crowdfunding campaigns
3 Additional Benefits of Running Crowdfunding Campaigns

Undoubtedly, crowdfunding is a revolutionary way to secure funding and to support and help innovative ideas to become actual products and services. Basically, if you are building customer-oriented business, crowdfunding is something, which you should seriously consider. After running a successful campaign, which has raised more money than the initial goal, the chances of securing…

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How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The life of an entrepreneur is very colorful and dynamic; it is challenging, busy and often chaotic. Businesses are hard to be built – it takes dedication, the right motivation, hard work and never-ending enthusiasm. Running a startup is unpredictable experience but there is one thing that is certain – it is never boring. But…

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3 Key Traits to Look for in a Potential Investor

Fundraising is important process and all entrepreneurs need help and guidance when the time for raising capital comes. To make the most of every opportunity at this critical point, they need to approach and choose the right investor, who will be able to bring much more on the table than the cash. Money matters but…

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