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Behind The Mindset of the Persuasive Investor Pitcher

Success comes to people, who have the right mindset. The things that hold many entrepreneurs back from delivering the perfect investor pitch and becoming the most persuasive pitcher at every event might not be on their slides but in their heads.

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The Best Entrepreneur Behaviors to Embrace During Your Next Investor Pitch

Many entrepreneurs get nervous before they begin the first or next fundraising round. The experience of raising money is exciting, but also very stressful and challenging. The way the entrepreneurs handle the process vary from person to person – some people enjoy being challenged and operate extremely effective under pressure, while others find it difficult…

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How to Find the Right Investor for Your Startup

At some certain moment, every startup gets to the point of needing money in order to continue its existence and accelerate its growth. Looking for funding is a long process that requires a lot of effort from the entrepreneurs. But to make the fundraising more effective, the ultimate goal here becomes not just raising specific…

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Three Ways to Make Your Pitch Stand Out from the Crowd

One of the most challenging parts of starting and growing a company is fundraising. It is as tough as it is because the competition is extremely strong and the process of securing funding becomes very intense. There are many entrepreneurs out there trying their best to win the attention of the investors as much as…

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Five Phrases That Will Doom Your Investor Pitch

Well-crafted investor pitch can help you to sky-rocket your business. Entrepreneurs spend sufficient amount of their time preparing for the five minutes of spotlight, driven by the ambition to take the chance and to win the attention of the investors. It is important to remember that investors hear dozens of pitches on daily basis and…

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ThePither 2016: Meet the Investors – Emre Kurttepeli, President of GBA

ThePitcher is the ultimate pitching event, which gives the opportunity to many entrepreneurs to showcase their startups and present their businesses in front of impressive list of prominent investors. Emre Kurttepeli will be one of the investors attending ThePitcher. Mr. Kurttepeli is the founder and chairman of Mynet Group, Turkey’s leading local internet media with over…

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