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Leadership Presence: What Actors Can Teach Business

Here is another killer blog post written by the talented Amy Tez! Amy is a highly-trained London-based actress, an entrepreneur, business strategist, and performance coach. Connect with Amy here and don’t forget to check out her blog! The skills that actors use to inspire and influence have hugely powerful applications in the world of business….

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Three Leadership Approaches That Kill Your Productivity

You’ve set high goals for this year, haven’t you? You probably want to achieve more, to grow your business and outrun the competition; you probably want to learn more, to grow as a person and to become more successful.

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The Leadership Books You Should Get Your Hands On In 2018

The world needs more leaders, more people, who inspire, motivate and bring the best in others. The business needs people with vision and desire for growth, improvement and positive impact. Becoming a better leader should be on your goal list for the New Year if you really want to shine as a successful entrepreneur in…

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Three Ways Socratic Questioning Can Make You a Better Leader

Greece – the land famous for its beauty, culture, and history, has given to us the wisdom of the greatest philosophers in the world. 2,500 years later, we still have what to learn from Greek philosophers – they have given us so many thoughts on life, existence, culture, friendship, health, and even leadership.

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5 Leadership Approaches in a World Driven By Change

Change. This word makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. They associate it with breaking the well-known routine and getting out of their comfort zone. Change is a word that projects in the minds of many the sense of a challenge.

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Unlimited Vacation Policy for Startups: Is It a Yes or a No?

Entrepreneurs embrace different leadership styles breaking the stigma of traditional management. The innovative approach of startup leadership leads to many positive changes in different aspects of the business. And the way startup employees take vacations is one of these aspects. Actually, a pretty important one!

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The Seven Attributes That Identify Authentic Leadership

For many years, leadership has been one of the most discussed topics among world leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives; it has been thought in universities and has been studied by scientists. We talk about leadership on an everyday basis, because it is truly important. Great leaders have changed the world as we know it, but…

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Fundamentals of Innovation Management For Startup Founders

Continuous innovation is one of the key components of entrepreneurial success. The entrepreneurs need to focus on implementing innovative strategies in every aspect of their businesses. Many startup owners focus solely on developing the products, channel their efforts, time and resources in this direction and overlook the importance of innovating in all company links. Entrepreneurs,…

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The Power of Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Distractions are everywhere around us in the busy business world that we live in. Entrepreneurs struggle to find the time to complete all the tasks on their schedules, which can be very frustrating. The stress of working under the pressure of time becomes unbearable in the long run. In times, it seems impossible to stay…

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emotional intelligence
4 Questions Emotional Intelligent Leaders Ask Themselves

Emotional intelligence is one of the strongest traits of talented, natural-born leaders and entrepreneurs, who are running effectively their businesses towards success. Evaluating their achievements and failures is something that all productive entrepreneurs do regularly in order to have better understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and their ability to take right decisions that lead to…

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