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After Office-Hours Habits That Will Make You More Successful

The work-life balance line in entrepreneurship is so thin that makes it almost invisible. Most entrepreneurs are constantly plugged in work – always handling different business-related tasks, rarely having any time left for something non-work related. Many even feel guilty when they take time off.

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Understanding Effective Communication and Storytelling Through Scientific Research

Great ideas are what drive the world to progress. Many promising ideas, however, are ignored just because they are poorly communicated. This is why in the world of entrepreneurship that is driven by creativity, the ability to present your ideas in the most comprehensive and engaging way is essential.

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Effective Reasoning And The Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking

We tend to believe that entrepreneurs have started their ventures with a great insight into the future when the fact is that many of them started small and built their businesses gradually to the dimensions they exist right now by reshaping the initial idea.

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Target market
3 Questions to Answer When Indentifying Your Target Market

Identifying your target market is giving you the opportunity to create more effective strategy, to prioritize better the resources that you have, which for starting companies are often very limited, and to increase the chances of positioning your product successfully in the market segment. For startups, preparation is everything. By conducting research and asking the…

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