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Entrepreneurial uncertainty
The Two Basic Steps to Overcoming Entrepreneurial Uncertainty

Have you ever thought that successful entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience and many surefire projects behind their backs have it all figured out? Surprisingly, this is not always the truth. The facts speak louder than assumptions – entrepreneurial uncertainty is part of the lives of even the most self-aware and agile entrepreneurs. The only…

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3 Goal Setting Strategies to Help You Achieve Great Results

The ability to set clear goals and to work towards achieving these goals determines the future success of every entrepreneur. Some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of our times like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are great visionaries, but also are known as inspiring goal setters. To achieve great results, having well-defined, measurable and realistic…

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5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

It is no secret that the business world is very competitive. In one hand, there are the big corporations that dominate whole niches and offer lower prices. On the other hand, the number of starting companies that are aiming to disrupt whole industries is growing tremendously. And there, in the middle of this mesh, are…

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Business plan
5 Things to Do Before You Start Writing Your Business Plan

The importance of writing a business plan has been a major discussion topic among entrepreneurs and investors. Many say that the entrepreneurs should have ready very detailed business plan before they start their businesses. Others argue that entrepreneurs don’t need to have all detailed information in one place to get started and should concentrate on…

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6 Principles to Build Resilient Business

Building a company around a product that is of great value to its customers is a very common venture, but the statistics show that these types of companies are not designed to last in the long run. The key selling points of a product may be efficiency and less complexity in the short term, but…

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Business fundamentals
Three Business Fundamentals Entrepreneurs Should Focus On

In the core, successful startups are ideas, to which strategic planning, effective execution plan and good management have been added. To develop an idea to such limits, the entrepreneurs need to focus on the business aspect of starting a company. Concentrating on strategy, cash and people from day one increases the chances of startup success….

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Five Steps to an Effective Business Turnaround

The business world is changing very fast and dramatically. Small businesses and growing companies often find it challenging to embrace the changes and to adapt to the chaos these changes often cause. Entrepreneurs should be flexible in their strategies and leaders must adjust their approaches according to the demands of the circumstances if they don’t…

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How to Stay Focused and Productive During Times of Crisis

When a difficult situation arises, people tend to panic. The anxiety prevails and often compromises the ability of the people to objectively observe the situation and to look for solutions. Many crises of different scale and type emerge in one’s lifetime – no matter if the crises is personal, professional or economical, it is always…

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Business strategy
Defining Exceptional Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Having clear and well-defined business strategy is extremely important for every starting company. It will set the course of the venture, making it easier for the founders and the startup employees to work towards leading the company in the right direction, closer to achieving the main objectives. The definition and development of the different types…

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Strategic networking
Strategic Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs find networking as a luxury that costs time, which they can’t afford to spend. The schedules of startup founders are swamped with endless tasks and even the thought of spending time for attending networking events looks like an impossible task. Time pressure is strong when you are trying to build a business, attract…

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