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Four Ways to Build a Human Company in the Age of Machines

The future of jobs is one widely discussed topic that interests all of us. The effect of technology on the job market is tremendous. An Economist report from 2014 predicts that 47% of all jobs will be automated by 2034 and argues that no country is actually ready for this change.

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Make 2018 The Year of Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

What holds you back? What stops you from taking your business to the next level? What stresses you out that much that you are afraid to move forward? If the answer is fear, you aren’t the only one. But you can be the one, who decides to do something about it!

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Tom Wujec’s 8-Step Exercise to Complex Problem-Solving

Running a business that aims to solve an important problem, which your target group of customers faces, will make your product not just nice to have, but will turn it into a must-have. Customers look for value and this is what you as an entrepreneur should give them.

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Are FinTech Startups Shaping The Future of Banking?

The FinTech sector is thriving – the rise of investment in the sector is an indicator that it will continue to thrive in the coming years. An infographic from Savvy Beaver and startup Call Levels that presents the FinTech landscape in 2016 shows that the total global investment from 2010 to 2015 totaled is $49.7B;…

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3 Ways to Prevent “Short-termism” Kill Your Startup

In times when NASA looks to hire a Planetary Protection Officer and technology titans have heated discussions about the future of AI, it is unacceptable for entrepreneurs to think and plan the future of their companies based on short-term goals and gains.

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Noreena Hertz on How to Use Experts and When Not To

We make important decisions on daily basis – some of them really small like where we will have dinner tonight and some of them really significant like choosing the college we want to study at, choosing the partner we want to marry or even quitting the stable job that we have to pursue our entrepreneurial…

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Are You an Innovative Entrepreneur?

The most innovative entrepreneurs, who disrupt whole industries and create businesses that empower economy growth, have many traits in common that distinguish them from the other entrepreneurs, who are business owners, but their businesses are not aiming to create breakthrough innovation. Inventors think and act differently and are in constant search for answers, solutions, unique…

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Is Fear of Rejection Ruining Your Investor Pitch?

Has it ever happened to you to fail tremendously during a meeting with investors? You had it all figured out – the slides, the content, the numbers, the timing – all ingredients of the perfect investor pitch perfectly blended together. But again you were left with no actual investment. What went wrong?

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Tim Ferriss Introduces A New Way to Look at Setting Goals

Goal-setting is very important on every level of our lives. Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to take a year off college to travel? Do you want to improve your relationship with your significant other? Or you simply want to become better at public speaking? Whatever it is you want,…

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Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders?

Through the past years women have made significant progress towards equity in the work place, yet there are further gaps to be filled and obstacles to be overcome. The fact is that there is still insignificantly small number of females that are working on top leadership positions or are starting their entrepreneurial ventures. What are…

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