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Five Online Tools to Help You Simplify Your Life as an Entrepreneur

In the complex world of entrepreneurship, it seems almost impossible for startup owners and their team to simplify the processes of running and growing a business. But making things simpler has many positive aspects, most importantly, it allows you to channel your energy to the things that truly matter.

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Three Tools to Help You Track Customer Reviews

Undoubtedly, user reviews are the king – they can make or break your startup. It doesn’t matter how much money and effort you put to market your product or service, if the customers aren’t happy and keep leaving bad reviews about your business, your company will definitely suffer.

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The Must-Have Automation Tools For Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur means to wear many hats, which can be very overwhelming. Focusing on every single day-to-day task distracts the startup founders from the most important aspects of the business. One of the ways to overcome this problem is to learn how to delegate.

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8 Ways to Simplify Your Business

The world of entrepreneurship is quite chaotic.  In times it gets too complicated that the entrepreneurs can’t keep up with the change. While some people thrive in chaos; others get completely lost in it. If you fall in the second group, you probably feel stressed and worried by the unpredictability of running a business.

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3 Apps to Help You Calm Down Before an Investor Pitch

Investor pitch meetings are very important for entrepreneurs as the future of their startup ventures are at stake. It doesn’t matter how many pitches you’ve made, the sensation is still strong. The whole experience is extremely emotional and challenging.

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Digital Decluttering
The Simplest Guide to Digital Decluttering for Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, most of the work we do is done through our computers or smartphones. Almost everything is done online – we run businesses online, communicate online, plan and keep track on everything through apps and online tools. Technology helps us to save time, be more productive and achieve more.

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3 Awesome Social Media Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs

Having strong online presence is very important for every starting business, yet many entrepreneurs neglect this fact for different reasons like the lack of time and resources. Fortunately, there are many tools available that can help the busy entrepreneurs to enhance their social media presence. Here we will present to you three awesome social media…

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Five Online Tools to Help You Stick to Your Goals

Setting goals is easy. Sticking to them… well, not so much. Whatever you want to achieve – to stay on top of your schedule, to learn a new skill or to take up a hobby or sports routine, it is not enough to just set the goal. It is essential to get to action and…

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Hacking Startup PR: 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs on Budget

Newly-created companies and startups that are trying to get off the ground rarely can afford to hire the services of professional PR agency to help them receive the media coverage they need. The lack of money doesn’t have to stop you from aiming to get press, because getting press is awesome for many reasons! It…

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Email marketing
10 Awesome Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

The email marketing is very powerful and effective way to connect with current customers, to attract new ones and, therefore, to increase sales. The email connection remains private, establishing stronger relationship with the customers and generating the highest ROI for the marketing team. Email marketing, when done right, can bring many benefits, making it the…

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