10 Articles That Will Help You Prepare The Perfect Investor Pitch

The Pitcher blog provides valuable information on entrepreneurship and the startup life. There are over 630 articles published that cover variety of topics but our main focus is on pitching. Here we have created a list of ten of the most interesting and informative blog posts that will help you to craft an awesome investor pitch.

20 Questions Investors Ask Entrepreneurs at Pitching Events

Attending pitching and networking events is a big deal for entrepreneurs, who are interested in raising capital for their ventures, popularizing their startup and expanding their current network. The opportunities are many but the competition is relentless. Pitching events are crowded by ambitious entrepreneurs who have a lot to put on the table and are ready to hustle and compete for the attention of the investors…continue here.

10 Slides to Include in Your Investor Pitch According to Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template

Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template has become the ultimate the pitch deck foundation for many startup founders, who are taking their first steps in pitching investors.

In a blog post shared by Team Sequoia titled Writing a Business Plan, is highlighted a business plan and presentation guide that includes the main points entrepreneurs need to emphasize on when they craft their startups’ pitch decks.

Later on, somebody has turned the post into slides, making the information easier to navigate for the entrepreneurs.

The template has become the frame for building the ultimate pitch deck. The 10 slides cover the minimum information the entrepreneurs need to cover with their pitch… continue here.

10 Do’s and Don’ts When Pitching Investors

Pitching investors is important part of the lives of all entrepreneurs. It is essential part of having a successful and productive connection with VCs and angel investors. The ultimate goal for all entrepreneurs, who want to establish good relationships with potential investors, is to manage to get their attention. To be memorable is the key to success at every pitching event… continue here.

7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching Investors

Undoubtedly, failure is inevitable part of success. This does not mean that entrepreneurs should seek failure. Failure itself is useless if there is no lesson learned. From the beginning of their startup venture, all entrepreneurs in one way or another have to pitch their businesses. And this is the place where they start making mistakes. There are different reasons why these mistakes are made – no experience, underperforming or overperforming, lack of confidence – the list goes on and on… continue here.

Changing Perspective: Pitching Through the Eyes of Investors

One of the key ingredients of a successful pitch is the right preparation, which always needs to include a research on the investors that you are going to pitch in front of. Knowing your audience is a key element of success – it gives you better chances of including the right elements in your pitch. Knowing what the investors look for is important, but of greater advantage will be to have a perspective on the way investors, in general, think about investing in startups… continue here.

7 Udemy Courses to Help You Nail Your Next Investor Pitch

There are many things that successful entrepreneurs have in common and the long-life passion for learning is one of these important aspects of becoming really good at what they do. Entrepreneurs should never overlook the importance of improving their pitching skills, which is why here we’ve collected for you seven Udemy courses that will help absolute beginners and advanced founders to nail their next investor pitch… continue here.

How to Make the First 30 Seconds of Your Pitch Count

Undoubtedly, the first impression people get from us really matters! It takes just 30 seconds for an investor to decide if they are interested in your pitch. When pitching, if you don’t win the attention of the audience from the very beginning, it will be very difficult for you to get it somewhere in the middle, leading to the conclusion that first 30 seconds of a pitch is crucial. To make sure that you start off well, don’t overlook the importance of the following three pitch elements the next time when you present your business to investors… continue here.

Three Tips to Make Investors Actively Listen to Your Whole Pitch

Let’s face it: seasoned angel investors and VCs are sick and tired of hearing bad startup pitches. Most of them evaluate dozens of pitch decks every single week (sometimes every single day) – they have no time and interest in paying attention to a boring, long pitch that gets nowhere.

You as a startup owner are obligated to do your best in order to make the most of every presentation opportunity you get. You need to learn how to tell your story in the most compelling way in order to grab the attention of the investors and hold it throughout the whole pitch… continue here.

4 Awesome Tools That Will Help You Create Perfect Pitch

Pitching investors is an important part of every entrepreneur’s startup journey. Your pitch deck is your main tool to help you showcase perfectly your business, which is why it is important that you get ready and prepare yourself well.

Creating the perfect pitch requires special attention. It needs to be well-prepared, right on point, interesting, catchy and memorable. Here you can find four awesome tools that will help you to create the perfect pitch much faster and easier… continue here.

Special Interview with Andrea Barrica, Startup Pitch Coach and Venture Partner at 500 Startups

Receiving advice on pitching is of a great importance for all entrepreneurs, especially when it comes from an experienced pitch coach like Andrea Barrica. Andrea is an entrepreneur herself. She is also a Venture Partner and an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at 500 Startups…continue here.

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