10 Do’s and Don’ts When Pitching Investors


Pitching investors is important part of the lives of all entrepreneurs. It is essential part of having a successful and productive connection with VCs and angel investors. The ultimate goal for all entrepreneurs, who want to establish good relationships with potential investors, is to manage to get their attention. To be memorable is the key to success at every pitching event.

As every startup is unique, every pitch should be unique as well, but there are some distinctive do’s and don’ts, which is good to be taken under consideration when pitching investors.

Do prepare different types of pitches for every situation – elevator pitch (max. 45 sec. to a minute), short pitch (5 – 10 minutes), and long pitch (more than 20 minutes). This will help you to feel confident while presenting your company to anyone in any different situation.

Don’t overlook the time frame that you have for your pitch. Prepare your pitch according to the time limit, so you will be able to make a complete and informative presentation.

Do know your audience. Before you start preparing your pitch, collect some information about the investors that you are pitching in front of – the different investors are looking for different things in a pitch, so some extra research can be only helpful.

Don’t include false or misleading information in your pitch, just because you know that this is what the investors would like to hear. Be honest and stay true to your startup values no matter what.

Do tell a story – include some engaging story line in your pitch in order to get the attention of the investors, to trigger their curiosity and to make them remember your pitch through this story.

Don’t be boring. Nobody likes boring presentations and pitchers, who are talking without enthusiasm. Make your pitch alive by putting your heart and soul in it as you do for your startup.

Do mind the body language. Your words may say one thing, but your body may say something else. Be relaxed, be yourself, be confident.

Don’t let the questions of the investors scare you. If they are asking you questions, they are interested in you. It is not always a bad thing. Try to forget about the stress and stay concentrated. Give short answers, which are on point, and everything will be just fine.

Do include your exit strategy in your pitch. Investors want to hear where you are leading your company to, so make sure that you assure them that you have a strategy and a plan.

Don’t forget to introduce your team. Investors trust great teams and are more likely to get interested with your startup of they see the potential of a well-working-together team. Having a great team is a sign that this company is built by good leader, who knows what is good for the business.

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