10 Tweets That Will Motivate You to Do Anything

Running a startup isn’t a piece of cake – no wonder that most of the newly launched companies can’t make it past the first year. There are days when you feel fully in control, and there are days when you feel like you just want to walk away from all the stress. Don’t blame yourself if the bad days are more than the good ones – you are not alone.

Everyone, who had walked the entrepreneurial path, will tell you that the hardest thing is to stay focused on your goals even when everything around you seems to be falling apart. But, in the end, it is all one very fulfilling journey that teaches important lessons, helps you grow as a person, and inspires you to motivate others.

Thanks to social media, nowadays, it is much easier to get inspired. It is enough to open Twitter – there are some truly inspirational accounts that can boost your mood instantly. Here are 10 tweets that will motivate you to do anything. Don’t hesitate to share them as well – you may inspire someone else from your network.


Happy tweeting!

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