10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Entrepreneurial Significant Other

Supporting your entrepreneurial significant other on daily basis is very important for them. Entrepreneurs, who are understood and supported emotionally by their partners, are more confident, calmer and more successful.

But Valentine’s Day is the time of the year when most of us want to do something special for our loved ones and surprise them with a great present that shows our love and appreciation. Nothing says “I love you, my ambitious entrepreneur!” more than a creative and useful gift that can make their life as a busy startup owner better.

If you wonder what to get to your significant other on Valentine’s Day, here are some great gift options that entrepreneurs will love.

A great book about entrepreneurship – when Harry Truman said: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers,” he was onto something. Entrepreneurs love to read books that can inspire them, motivate them and teach them something. If you want to surprise your entrepreneurial significant other with a book, but have no idea what to go for, here are some suggestions.

A yearly subscription for a health app – if you want to say “I love you and I care about you” but secretly mean “I really would like you to slow down and take care of yourself” a yearly premium account of a useful health app makes the perfect gift. Here are 10 great options.

A charging station – staying connected is essential for entrepreneurs. Low battery on the devices is the worst nightmare for the busy entrepreneur on the go. A great charging station like Charge Hub makes a perfect present for your entrepreneurial significant other.

A desk in co-working space – if your entrepreneur hasn’t got an office space and works from home and makes the occasional Starbucks visits, getting him a desk in a co-working space can make his work-life much comfortable.

Amazon Eco – so they can have the most intelligent personal assistant.

Outliers Notebook – taking notes is a big part of the lives of entrepreneurs. Having something on hand to write down the ideas or take important notes is essential for them. Outliers Notebook, however, isn’t the traditional notebook – it is a smart notebook with erasable and reusable feature and a modern design, making it a perfect gift for all creative minds out there.

Virtual Keyboard – this keyboard is the perfect gift for entrepreneurs-on-the-go, who never know when something very important will come up and the typing on their small device keyboards will only slow them down.

An Apple Watch – entrepreneurs can benefit from having quick access to their apps, schedule, emails and more on their wrist.

A Coffee Maker – the lives of most entrepreneurs are powered by inspiration… and a lot of coffee, of course. Surprise your coffee-loving significant other with a great coffee maker (Orenda or Auroma, for example) or a nice French press.

Home cooked meal – entrepreneurs often eat on the go or are used to restaurant hopping during business meetings. To give them something special, why not cook their favorite meal at home and enjoy it together.

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