Day: May 13, 2016

10 Motivational Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Entrepreneurship is a lonely business. Entrepreneurs are constantly misunderstood, often called “harebrained”, repeatedly asked “When you will get a REAL job?”. The struggle is real not only when the business path gets rocky, but also when the emotional exhaustion starts to take over the well-being of the entrepreneur. Stress is energy draining and slowly leads…

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Startup focus
Weekly Startup Focus: Introducing Missum, Twago and 4Screens

Supporting talent, entrepreneurial potential and innovative high-growth business ideas through showcasing promising startups and introducing the impactful work they do to broader audience has become priority to ThePitcher team. This week we will keep our startup focus on three different yet very impactful companies by presenting to you Missum, Twago and 4Screens.

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