Day: May 16, 2016

The Key to Flawless Startup Pitch: Practice 25 Times

The article is written by Matt Krause, Istanbul-based communications coach and founder and past President of Istanbul Toastmasters. The post was originally published on Doppler Communications website. Check it out here.   When professional actors prepare for a role, they usually rehearse for hours, or days or weeks, learning how to make a particular facial tick…

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Special Interview with Utkan Uluçay from SCHAIN

SCHAIN was one of the pitchers at ThePitcher 2016 event. The potential of the startup didn’t stay unnoticed by the investors and SCHAIN was named third-place winner and received special money prize from TEB Private Angel Investment Platform and international support from KOSGEB. In a special interview, Utkan Uluçay talks about the experience of pitching…

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