3 Goal Setting Strategies to Help You Achieve Great Results


The ability to set clear goals and to work towards achieving these goals determines the future success of every entrepreneur. Some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of our times like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are great visionaries, but also are known as inspiring goal setters. To achieve great results, having well-defined, measurable and realistic goals and embracing a successful goal setting strategy are very powerful ways to begin.

The following three strategies will help you to feel more motivated on your way to achieving your goals by helping you focus better on the desired outcome.

The “Action-Oriented” Strategy

Every action that we take has a reason. Entrepreneurs, who are purposeful and driven, rarely spend their valuable time doing something that has no or little purpose. By setting high goals and creating a step-by-step action plan, highlighting the actions that need to be taken in order to achieve what you are aiming for, you are able to create a better execution strategy. This strategy emphasizes on the importance of movement, action and active approach towards achieving the goals.

The “Break Down” Strategy

Having a well-defined goal is the ultimate key to success. It gives you clear perspective on the steps that you have to take, yet sometimes looking at the whole picture can be a bit distracting and discouraging. In order to get rid of this overwhelming feeling that you have set the bar too high and that it seems impossible to achieve the set goal, you can turn the odds on your side and break down the goal into small, easily achievable steps that are easier to be taken and followed.

Imagine that your goal is to sell $5000 worth of product by the end of the first month after your startup launch. This may seem like a very challenging thing to achieve. But by breaking in pieces the way you look at the goal, you can get excited about it once again. Think of it this way – if your product is worth $100, you just need to sell it to 50 customers in order to reach your goal. Doesn’t look so bad right now, right?

The “High Motivation” Strategy

Staying highly motivated and excited about your goals will help you to focus better on achieving great results. By including in your daily schedule a task that will remind you of your goals and will keep you concentrated on the matter will give you a boost of energy and will increase your productivity.

The surroundings have a great impact on your performance, which is why most entrepreneurs need to find a way to create more motivational, inspiring and distraction-free work environment. Achieving great goals is a complex process that demands special attitude, targeted actions and purposeful behaviors.

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