The 3 Pillars of Boosting Your Confidence

Confidence and self-esteem often have been linked to having the same meaning, but there are some differences. Self-esteem refers to our perception of ourselves in a matter of looks and thoughts; confidence describes the way we feel about our ability to perform certain tasks or roles. Having low self-esteem and a lack of confidence almost every time co-exist.

As there is a clear connection between being confident and one’s ability to solve problems and make important decisions, the lack of confidence is a major setback for even the most talented entrepreneurs. There are ways to boost your confidence and identifying the three main pillars will help you make the first step easier.

  1. Awareness – know your strengths and your weaknesses. Embrace the fact that you are not perfect and nobody else is. Be honest with yourself and identify your weakest spots – don’t ignore them, embrace them, change for the better what you can and accept what you can’t.
  2. Research – before approaching a certain task that worries you, take your time to research the matter. The more information you have, more prepared you will feel, which naturally will boost your confidence.
  3. Learning – make learning something new a priority. Through gaining knowledge and developing new skills you will feel more comfortable with approaching different situations in your life.
  1. Positive thinking – try to look at the bright side and always look for opportunities where others see only problems.
  2. Surround yourself with the right people – it is said that we are the average of the five people we spend most of our time with. Take the time to evaluate all close relationships that you have and think about the way these relationships make you feel. If the people around you grind you down, it is time for a change. Surround yourself with people, who lift you up instead!
  3. Embrace criticism – and be your biggest critic. Criticism is healthy when it is constructive. Otherwise, don’t let the critics slow you down. Filter the feedback that you receive and focus on the things that can actually be useful. The rest is just unnecessarily to obsess over.
  1. Stick to your core values and main principles – people, who know what they stand for are genuinely more confident. Make your values lead your choices and you will be more confident in every single step you take.
  2. Challenge yourself every single day – do something that scares you and you will be surprised to discover how much more you are capable of. You are stronger than you think and by challenging yourself you will learn more about your capabilities.
  3. Take up an unusual activity – to build strong confidence, you need to start with learning more about yourself. We often have the wrong perception about the things we like and the things that we dislike. It is important to put yourself in unusual situations – volunteer, go for a hike or learn how to drive a motorbike. Do something that you’ve never thought you could do. It will be a challenge that will teach you that you can do anything you want if you try.

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