3 Reasons to Show Up Early at The Next Networking Event

Attending networking and pitching events takes a big part of every entrepreneur’s life. It is essential for startup owners and the startup team members to be present at such important gatherings. The opportunities are many – to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, prominent investors and business partners, to build the foundations of meaningful business and partnership relationships, to pitch your business, or even to find the right talent for your startup team.

At networking events, each second matters so make the most of it. If you don’t know where to start from, why not show up early? Here are three reasons to do so:

Avoid the line

Most networking events get very crowded during the day. By arriving earlier you will save time – the registration lines are shorter, the wardrobe lines are shorter, and the people are less stressed. At networking events minute can make a difference, so why waste it waiting on the line?

Engage in conversation effortlessly

If you are one of the first arrivals at the venue, you have the advantage to engage in a conversation easily. Being a part of the first conversation groups that are formed will allow you effortlessly to move through the crowd afterward.

More time and better impact

If you arrive earlier, you will have more time to network. In the morning, everybody is excited and approaches every conversation with interest. During the day, people get tired and pay less attention. So, the conversations you strike in the morning are the most impactful ones. Better show up early for that and don’t miss any opportunity.

See for yourselves if it works! We are waiting for you on April 21, 2018 at The Pitcher 2018! Show up early and enjoy a full day of pitching, networking and fun!

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