3 Short Films That Are Worth Your Time

To get ahead in business, the entrepreneurs need to master many skills, which are not directly connected with their niche or product and storytelling and public speaking are two of the most important ones. These two skills are essential for entrepreneurs, who sooner or later will pitch their businesses to potential investors, to new clients and partners.

Telling engaging stories is an art that can be mastered with constant practice and observation. Books and movies are the perfect way to learn about the dos and don’ts of presenting a story. Short films also are a great source of inspiration that you can watch on your own time or you can share with your team by the end of the workday or during your next brainstorm session.

These three short movies have made it to our top list!


Alan Barillaro’s and Marc Sondheimer’s Piper is an Oscar-winning animated short film that tells the story of a sandpiper that faces its fears and gains confidence, which lead it to a great discovery.

The Downtown Project

The Downtown Project is a $350 million USD Las Vegas-based entrepreneurial initiative of the infamous founder of Zappos Tony Hsieh. This short movie pictures the challenges before the initiative, but also the positive outcomes that come for many business owners as a result of the project.

The Audition

Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, this short movie is fun to watch. It pictures DiCaprio and De Niro, who are competing for the same part for a Scorsese movie. In a humoristic way, it shows how the two actors keep calm in the process, hide their frustration and focus more on finding the weak spots of each other. It is a cool short film that pictures how difficult yet necessary it is to keep yourself together when you compete with the best. The take is that often no matter what you do and how good you are, some parts are just not your parts.

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