3 Steps to Overcoming the Most Common Networking Challenges

Running a startup is full of challenges of different type and scale and learning to network effectively is one of these challenges. Many entrepreneurs, who are new to the business scene, stick to their pre-startup habits and forget that it is time to actually get out there and build connections.

Entrepreneurs are the face of the startup. Their online and media presence beats the work of dozen professional PR specialists. The entrepreneurs are those, who need to get out there, to network and build relationships with other entrepreneurs, with the customers, with mentors and investors.

Effective networking has its challenges, but you can easily overcome them by following these networking tips.


Problem: Too many events to attend, too little time!

Many entrepreneurs ignore networking with the argument that there is always something going on, there is always an event to attend and they can’t possibly be everywhere. A part of this is true – there are too many events that happen every single day. The key to effective networking, however, is to find the right place to be, not to attend as many events as possible.

The organizers of most events publish a list of the top attendees, speakers, and mentors, who will attend. Even if the event is not of such a scale, you are still able to find information about most of the attendees, most commonly by visiting the event Facebook page or the Facebook group that is dedicated to it.

Selection is the key to attending the right events for you. Selection saves you time and effort and will help you to ace your networking game.


Problem: Struggle to find the people you are looking for!

Entrepreneurs have high expectations of every networking event that they attend. Events are not a magical place where you just need to show up and the job is done. Being present at networking events is not enough, you need to embrace the opportunity and actually connect with the people.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find the people that you need or you can’t build lasting relationships fast enough. It takes time and effort. Finding a tribe is hard. Possibly, one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur. But, once you do find your tribe, you will be unstoppable.

Don’t leave the process of finding your entrepreneurial tribe of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors, to the odds. Startup networking and pitching events are still the most convenient places to meet people, who share your interests and passion. So, meanwhile, arm yourself with patience and keep networking.

Gear up

Problem: It is difficult to keep track on the new connections and almost impossible to effectively follow up!

Networking takes too much time and can be exhausting if you don’t know how to approach it. We use apps and tools to make our lives easier on so many levels. Why not do the same when it comes to networking?

During networking events, you will meet so many people, it is impossible to remember everyone and to follow up with each person you connect. Along with a lot of business cards, prepare for the next networking event with the right tools. To make your life easier, here we have collected five apps and tools that will help you to discover the potential of every networking event you attend.

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