3 Techniques To Be More Memorable at Networking Events

Networking events

The ultimate goal for entrepreneurs at pitching and networking events is to present their companies in the most memorable way possible in order to get the attention of potential clients and the interest of investors. The entrepreneurs are the face of the company. They are the people, who have to pitch their businesses to the right audience. If you want your startup to be well-recognized, it is essential for you to be more recognizable and your pitch (regardless if it is on the stage or face-to-face) to be more memorable.

Here you can find three proven techniques that will help you to become more memorable during pitching and networking events.

Watch Your Body Language

The first impression really counts. It is important that the entrepreneurs pay enough attention to the way they carry themselves – make sure that you are dressed appropriately, that you are neat and clean. Choose carefully your words, but also make sure that your posture, gesture and face expressions don’t send a wrong message.

Ask Questions

Entrepreneurs know how important it is to listen carefully to their interlocutors during a conversation and especially during Q&A sessions at pitching events. The active listening is a great way to stay on top of the topic and be able to respond accordingly. But in order to be more memorable, the entrepreneurs must be able to ask relevant questions whenever they need to. It shows that you are into the conversation and that you are interested in the topic. This always makes great impression.

Send the Right Message

When talking about your business, make sure that you send the right message to your audience. If you can’t explain simple to the people what your business is all about, it is very likely that they will not be interested in hearing more about it. Complicated ideas are difficult to present to people, who are not familiar with your niche, and rarely people spend the energy to remember these companies and the conversations about them.

If your technology is too difficult to explain in a simple way to your audience, focus on the problem that you are solving. It is always a great way to send the right message by telling the people what difference you are making in the niche and how your startup is going to disrupt the market.

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