3 TED Talks to Help You Make Better Decisions


The decisions entrepreneurs make on daily basis determine the course of their startup journey. The business choices they make are very important. From finding the right co-founder to join them on their startup adventure through hiring their first employees to choosing a funding method or an investor to work with – it is all a matter of choice. The ability to make better decisions is widely discussed topic, once again proving its importance. To help you get a fresh perspective on the decision making processes, here we’ve collected three of the most impactful TED Talks on the topic.

How to make hard choices by Ruth Chang

During her TED Talk, the philosopher Ruth Chang unravels what makes some choices harder than others. She talks about the importance of understanding the core of a choice, explains why making some big decisions can be that frustrating process and gives us a simple solution that can make the decision-making process much easier.

The paradox of choice by Barry Schwartz

During his TED Talk, the psychologist Barry Schwartz talks about the incredible amount of choices that we have and how this fact makes the decision-making process much more difficult. He talks about the effects of having all of the choices and how everyone can try to minimize the bad impact of the countless possibilities and maximize the positive aspects from it.

The art of choosing by Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar studies the way people make choices and take difficult decisions and how they feel about these decisions. During her TED Talk, she shares some important information and results from her research on the topic that can change completely the way you think about making a decision about both trivial and profound questions.

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