3 Things That Make You Look Unprofessional at Networking Events


Networking is very powerful way to expand the horizon of entrepreneurs and help them to spot new opportunities. If it is not for attending networking and pitching events, it would be extremely difficult for all busy entrepreneurs to find the time and the chance to meet new people, who share the same ideas and passion for business and innovation. But being present at networking events is not enough. If you want to make the most of every event that you attend, make sure that you make the right impression and send the right message. To help you improve your networking experience, here we will talk about three very common behaviors that make entrepreneurs look unprofessional and why it is important to avoid them.

You underestimate most people

Networking events give great opportunity to the entrepreneurs to meet with investors and to do their investor pitch right on the spot. It is always a good idea to go to the events prepared and knowing whom you would like to meet. Having an agenda is a sign of professionalism. But expert networkers know that sometimes the biggest opportunities come their way from unexpected places. This is why it is advisable to never underestimate anyone. Be flexible and don’t ignore people just because you think that there is no point of talking to them. Especially when they are from the press!

You are not focused

Attending networking events will not be of a great use for the entrepreneurs, who are unable to focus well on the present moment and don’t actually talk to the people. If you are being constantly distracted by email flow, group chats with your employees or social media, you are to find yourself missing out the whole event. If you want to look professional with the conversations you have during the event, stay concentrated on the present moment and avoid in every way all possible distractions.

You never follow up

Networking events give the chance to meet with people. But to make the most of the meetings, the entrepreneurs should follow up. By following up, they are to make the next step of establishing solid relationship with the person. Get connected right on the spot – along with the traditional business card exchange, follow your interlocutor on Twitter and add them on LinkedIn and Facebook. After the event, actually do something that can keep the connection alive and moving forward.

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