3 Ways to Build a Diverse Startup Team

Enhancing the potential of a startup comes in different ways – from the detailed development of the product through building a strong customer base to crafting outstanding marketing strategy. In the core, however, come the talents and skills of the founders and the founding team.

The team is the most valuable asset that an aspiring entrepreneur has. On the way to finding the right people to trust and work with, in the long run, the founders need to overcome endless obstacles. Nowadays, talent is scarce, especially when it comes to finding talent for starting companies.

The startup employees must possess a skill set that goes far beyond their technical skills – they must be good communicators and team players. The perfect startup employee must share the vision and the mission of the startup. They must be excellent networkers, very creative and open to sharing opinions.

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Another key component of a successful startup team is diversity. Diverse startup teams stand out as they are more creative, more productive and open-minded. People who come from different backgrounds bring different things to the table, which expands the horizon of the company.

In the globalized world that we live in, it shouldn’t be very difficult for the founders to commit to diversity when it comes to building their founding teams. The following three ways will help you make the first step to building a diverse team, to break the stereotypes and to encourage more people to enter the entrepreneurial world and the world of technology.

Be clear  

Make it clear that you are open to hiring a more diverse team. Many people hold themselves back to apply for certain positions even if they are qualified just because they don’t believe that they have a shot. Females generally tend to underestimate their skills and often hold themselves back to apply for positions even if they meet the criteria. Make it clear that you are looking to build a diverse team to encourage different candidates to reach out to you.

Be open

Let’s begin with answering the questions: Is your own network diverse enough? If the answer is No, you will need to think about leading the hiring process beyond it. To reach a broader audience when you look for a new hire for your startup team, look beyond your company’s network. Expand your referral program by spreading the word first with your professional and social network then to the networks of your referrals.   This will increase the chance of reaching a more diverse group of people.

Beyond HR

For an entrepreneur who wants to build a more diverse team, it might be difficult to arrange the process according to the goal. For the purpose, you need to change the way you put the word out there. Examine the wording in your hiring announcement. The word choice of your job posting should communicate the right message. No wonder there are HR consultants who specialize in diversity. If you doubt your diverse HR skills, maybe it is time to use the help of a professional. This will make your choice easier and will help you to make the most effective decision.

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