4 Accounting and Finance Online Courses for Entrepreneurs

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The financial aspect of every business venture is one of the most important aspects of building a company that all entrepreneurs should focus on. By understanding the basic accounting principles and terminology and by knowing the fundamentals of entrepreneurial finance and capital raising, the entrepreneurs become better prepared for the challenges that are to come their way and are to be more prepared when they negotiate with potential investors.

The following four online courses will help every entrepreneur to understand better the fundamentals of accounting and finance. These courses summarize the most important aspects on the topics, allowing the startup owners to close the information gap and to feel more confident in their decision-making processes.

Finance and Accounting for Startups

The course is published on Udemy and is instructed by the experienced startup CFO Chris Benjamin. In 75 lectures are introduced the main business accounting principles, IPO process, budgets, capital raising, exit strategies and everything that startup owners need to know about entrepreneurial finance.

Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting


IESE Business School

Financial accounting is the language of business. The entrepreneurs, who are jumping in the highly competitive business scene, can’t afford financial illiteracy to hold them back from reaching their goals. This course introduces the accounting language’s essential and explains the basic accounting concepts.

Shark Accounting – Building a Business by the Numbers

Preparation is everything when it comes to capital raising, meeting with venture capitalists and angel investors. These meetings can change not only the course of direction for your company, but your whole entrepreneurial journey. It is extremely important to be prepared as a “shark” when you meet with the “seasoned sharks” of the venture capital world. If you want to understand better the fundamentals of management accounting and become more confident with your investor pitch, this course, published on Udemy and instructed by Vincent Turner, is the right place to gain that valuable knowledge.

Startup Valuation and Financial Analysis Specialization


Yonsei University

The Startup Valuation and Financial Analysis Specialization consists of five courses that discuss the following main topics: the time value of money, discounted cash flows method, multiple method, financial statements analysis, free cash flows, capital budgeting decision rules and current trends. These courses are great source of information for entrepreneurs, who want to find the value of business ownership before and after additional funding is received and many more important aspects of startup valuation.

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