4 Awesome Tools That Will Help You Create Perfect Pitch


Pitching investors is important part of every entrepreneur’s startup journey. Your pitch deck is your main tool to help you showcase perfectly your business, which is why it is important that you get ready and prepare yourself well.

Creating the perfect pitch requires special attention. It needs to be well-prepared, right on point, interesting, catchy and memorable. Here you can find four awesome tools that will help you to create the perfect pitch much faster and easier.


LivePlan is business plan software, which is built for entrepreneurs like you. It allows you to put your ideas together, to collaborate with your team, and even to build your plan and pitch for funding.


There are so many things that must be taken under consideration when you prepare your pitch, which makes it easier to overlook specific detail or to forget something important. Pitcherific is an awesome tool that can help you to create your pitch without to make these mistakes. The tool helps you to choose the type of pitch that you are preparing for – elevator pitch, NABC pitch or another type. Once you know what type is your pitch, the tool will help you to set time limits, which allows you to track your time and practice your pitch according to it. Pitcherific also helps you to set a specific goal for your pitch so you can track your performance.



It is always a good idea to support your pitch with an awesome presentation when it is possible. To create great presentation you need good tool for it. Prezi is easy-to-use presentation tool, which allows you to choose a template for your presentation, add your content and track your impact.


HaikuDeck is another presentation tool that can help you to create memorable startup pitch. Put your ideas in slides and make your pitch look beautiful on screen with the vast variety of stylish fonts, layouts, image filters and many more other extras, which the tool offers.


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