4 Tips on Pitching Your Social Good Startup to Investors


Every year, The Pitcher gathers together in Istanbul many talented entrepreneurs and some of the most prominent investors in Turkey and the region. The chosen 20+1 startups have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to a large audience – not limited just to the attending guests as the event is live-streamed online.

It has become a tradition to invite along with the top 20 pitchers one more startup with a social good cause. In fact, Yuvarla.org, the social good startup of The Pitcher 2016 represented by Emre Danaci, became the best pitcher of that year. Yuvarla.org is an impactful startup, which allows e-shoppers round up their shopping fees and donate the change to a charity of their choice.

Givin, the social good startup of The Pitcher 2017 was represented by Basak Sucuka Suer and also was very well-accepted by the audience. Givin is a social enterprise that helps users to convert their goods, talents to funds for NGO projects via a mobile marketplace.

Aspiring social entrepreneurs need a stage to shine on and The Pitcher team is happy to give them one. Social-cause engaged entrepreneurs must focus not only on the local and global social challenges that their companies tackle but also on generating profit and appealing to investors.

To prove that “social” in no case means “loss-making” the social entrepreneurs need to explore the best possible way to craft and present their pitches.

Introduce social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is on the rise suggesting that it can possibly change the future of business and global capitalism as we know it. SEFORIS, a research project that was funded by the European Commission, was conducted with the aim to show the impact social entrepreneurship has on the economy of different countries including Belgium, China, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

“Most of us started from social goals. We divided the support and growth came automatically. That time is over, we have to continue on our own. This we should do together as much as possible. But we also must dare to learn from regular companies. They can challenge us to change our thinking.”- Danny Vercauteren, CEO of Kringwinkel Antwerpen (socialeeconomie.be)

This is just one source of information you can use for crafting the first slide of your investor pitch to highlight the importance and impact of social good projects today. Introduce social entrepreneurship by presenting its full potential (backed with data) and you will get the attention of the investors from the very beginning.

The power of a single story

Social entrepreneurs usually try to solve significant problems. It is important to explain the importance of solving the specific problem to the investors in a comprehensive way. Avoid making too complex statements such as “We want to stop global warming!”, “We want to end world hunger!”, “We want to end poverty!”. Be more precise when you present your cause.

The best way is to tell the story of a person that will be directly affected by the change your company makes. A powerful short video that presents the real impact your startup makes is more powerful than five slides of statistics on hunger or poverty.

Proof of concept

Social entrepreneurs often turn to crowdfunding to raise money for their ventures. It is a powerful way to prove the concept and to receive valuable feedback. If you pitch investors after successfully completing a crowdfunding campaign, it is more likely to get their attention. You have proven that your startup matters, which makes it much more interesting. To explore more the potential of crowdfunding, visit Arikovani – the crowdfunding platform of Turkey and the region.

Mind the numbers

The investors will want to understand how your business works and how it generates profit. You need to know your numbers well and to understand in depth the financial scale of your social venture. The right numbers will help the investors understand the potential and the ability of the company to scale. Know your numbers and you increase your chance of success tremendously.

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