5 Idea and Innovation Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

innovation management

Ideas and innovation have a special place in the world of entrepreneurship. It is important for entrepreneurs to find a way to collect and organize the ideas in a way that will allow them to easily sift the best ones from the bad ones, to brainstorm with their team members and to create actual execution plans to follow.

Idea management can be done in many ways. It is important the entrepreneurs find the most effective way for themselves and their teams. To make your choice easier, here we’ve collected five tools that can make the idea and innovation management in your company much more efficient.

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Javelin is all-in-one software platform, making it easier and faster for innovators to start and grow their projects and businesses by helping them to identify their customer needs, validate new products and reach product/market fit.


Germ is very useful tool especially for entrepreneurs, who need to focus on the ideas that are really important and turn these ideas into reality through great execution strategies. It is that simple – Germ helps your team members to brainstorm and capture all great ideas and helps them turn these ideas into actionable project plans.



IdeaSparked is very useful website where people can easily manage, outline and grow their ideas. It is very simple to use and offers not only idea management feature, but also brainstorming and option to track the ideas.



Kinding is idea management and innovation software, which is widely used by teams to discuss ideas, find solutions to important problems and discover and pursue opportunities.



Spigit is cutting-edge innovation management software that helps the users to identify new products and markets, to improve customer experience and increase employee engagement. Even though Spigit is designed for global enterprises, it is one very useful tool, which most entrepreneurs should know about.


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