5 Qualities of Forward-Thinking Leaders


Great leaders are gifted with many exceptional qualities that give them the ability to lead their teams to the right direction and to successfully grow their businesses regardless of all challenges and setbacks. The combination of skills that is inherent to up-and-coming leaders consists of many different traits, which can vary from person to person. In general, it is impossible to state all of the necessarily qualities that impactful leaders posses, but it is possible to note some of the most important ones, such as great communication skills, empathy, risk taking, self-awareness, forward thinking and so on.

Along with the rest of the skills, the ability to think forward is one of the qualities, which are highly respected in leaders. Forward-thinking is especially important when we talk about entrepreneurial leadership and innovation. Here you will find five qualities of forward-thinking leaders that highlight the importance of having strong business vision if you run a startup.


Forward-thinking leaders are people driven by their strong vision and business mission. To drive a business to growth, there should be certain amount of risk. Being courageous enough to take bold decisions and calculated risks is what allows successful leaders to achieve more than the competition. Without the courage to take the leap when needed, no great results can be achieved.

Emotional intelligence

Forward-thinking leaders are able to sense the potential of future relationships with clients, investors, partners and even team members. As we have talked about before, people with high emotional intelligence have the ability to accurately identify their emotions and, most importantly, the ability to control and evaluate these emotions. They are also very empathetic of the emotions of others, making them better listeners, communicators and negotiators.

Strategic planning

Forward-thinking leaders are goal-oriented – they know how to set goals and are able to realistically determine their current situation in order to create a step-by-step action plan that will lead them to the desired destination. If you run a starting company and you want to accelerate it and grow the business to the next level, it is important that you have an elaborated execution plan. People that are forward-thinking oriented are much better at crafting long-term strategies and plans, making them better leaders than the rest.


Forward-thinking leaders understand that ideas don’t mean much if they are not well-executed. Along with the strategic planning, they focus on the execution of the strategies in order to make the whole process highly effective, productive and successful in the long run.


Even the best strategies and the most well-calculated execution plans sometimes fail. Exceptional leaders are not afraid to face failure and to start over. They are highly committed to their goals and they are able to motivate and inspire the whole team during hard times through expressing their determination to success.

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