The 5 Types of Online Management Courses Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

Startup skills

Many people make the leap to entrepreneurship because they want to be their own boss. The ability to take all important business decisions is satisfying and liberating, but also carries a lot of responsibilities. Learning how to manage well the processes within the company makes it easier for the entrepreneurs to take better decisions and to lead their companies more efficiently.

Traditional organizations and large companies have many managers, who operate on different levels and have different roles within the company. When we talk about startups, however, in the beginning of their ventures the founders play all these roles.

Management has its many types and forms. The need to develop different types of management skills depends on your personal goals as an entrepreneur and on the essence of the business.

There are many ways to improve your business management skills. These five online courses are valuable for entrepreneurs, who want to maximize the effect of their efforts and to achieve better results.

Management Accounting

Learn management accounting techniques to support businesses to plan, control, monitor and enhance performance with this ACCA-X course.

Length:  10 weeks

Effort:  4-5 hours per week

Type:  Professional Education

Price:  $89

Institution:  ACCA

Managing the Value of Customer Relationships

Learn how to identify your most valuable customers to develop and implement customer-centric strategies and maximize their strategic value.

Length:  6 weeks

Effort:  3-4 hours per week

Type:  Professional Education, Self-Paced

Price:  $585

Institution:  Wharton

Innovation & Creativity Management

Learn how to drive innovation and creativity in your company and how to turn ideas into successful products and services.

Length:  6 weeks

Effort:  6-8 hours per week

Price:  FREE

Add a Verified Certificate for $149

Institution:  RWTHx

Project Management: Mastering Complexity

Develop the project management skills you need to handle complexity in engineering, infrastructure, and other large projects.

Length:  5 weeks

Effort:  4-6 hours per week

Type:  Professional Education

Price:  $295

Institution:  DelftX

Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking

Learn how to plan, develop and deliver on all aspects of work in the lifecycle of digital products using lean, agile and systems design thinking.

Length:  6 weeks

Effort:  4-8 hours per week

Price:  FREE

Add a Verified Certificate for $200

Institution:  BUx

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