5 Ways to Be a More Interesting Person

Charismatic, charming and interesting people are great to talk to. There is something magnetic about them, something that makes you want to hang out again and again with them. They spark your curiosity, tackle your imagination and, in general, make you feel good when you are in their company. They are liked by most of the people and seem to get easily ahead in life. In times, you want to be like them, don’t you?

If you are, good for you! But if you aren’t, there is something you can do about it. Being interesting to others is something that you can become. There is a way to grow your potential to be interesting and the following five steps are a great base, to begin with.

Broaden your horizon – Interesting people have knowledge and experience in many areas, not just the ones that interest them personally. Your stories will most definitely be more interesting to others if you are able to speak about numerous subjects. To broaden your horizon you can: be a vivid reader, listen to different music, visit museums and galleries, travel, communicate with different people, and so on.

Be a storyteller – Having knowledge in different topics isn’t enough. You need to know how to engagingly present this knowledge. Learn the art of storytelling. Be patient in the way you speak, choose the right words, paint pictures with words. Telling compelling stories is a great way to mesmerize the people you speak to and to become more memorable.

Read people – Choose the topics of discussion according to the audience. Different people show interest in different topics. Learn to read people and to instinctively get the topics that might be of their interest. Speak about the things you believe they want to hear. Otherwise, your effort to be more interesting can make you an annoying interlocutor.

Learn when to speak and when not to – To be interesting, you don’t have to always be under the spotlight. Instead, focus on fostering meaningful conversations. Speak when you have to and listen (but really listen) when the others are speaking. Reply to them, don’t just let them finish so you can take over. Engage someone in an interesting, informative and fruitful conversation and you will definitely be valued by them as an interesting person.

Be active – Engage in different activities, try new things, take up a hobby – whenever you have spare time use it to get active. To be an interesting person, you need to have an interesting lifestyle. Seek adventure, challenge your mind and body, discover your passion, learn new skills, and be a better version of yourself.

In the end, what is the most important is to be authentic. Don’t pretend or act like somebody that you are not. Stay true to yourself and people will appreciate you for who you are and for what you give to the world.

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