5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated This Summer

Summer – this adventurous season that keeps us all thirsty for travel to exotic destinations and trips to the beach. The hot summer days and gorgeous summer nights are perfect for vacations, visits to cool festivals, late-night cocktails and talks around the camp fire. In-between all of these pleasant experiences, many startup employees find themselves unmotivated. Of course, it is difficult to focus when your Facebook feed is replete with photos of your friend’s days on the beach.

It is difficult for startup employees to remain engaged with the business and happy with their work during summer. To avoid a negative impact on the startups, the entrepreneurs must do something to keep their employees happy and motivated. You lack ideas how to do so? Here are some cool suggestions!

Introduce flexible work hours – If your employees can do their job from their laptop, give them the chance to work out of office for a couple of weeks. Not as a paid vacation leave, just as a work alternative. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be performing well. Actually, you might be surprised to see that their productivity even increases. Give it a try!

If you have doubt how they will communicate with the rest of the team, check out these super cool tools for remote teams that make the online communication flawless.

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Make Friday afternoon special – In the month of July or August make the work week shorter by finishing the work on Friday at noon. Introduce the idea to your employees and, if they are capable and willing to shift the work load to another day of the week just to have a longer weekend, make that step. This is a great way to jump start the weekend earlier or to leave for a nice weekend-long trip to the seaside earlier.

Let’s cool down together – Putting the AC on isn’t enough to cool down. Your employees need to cool down their summer vibes with some tasty treats like a cold watermelon, cool iced tea, delicious ice cream or even gold beer. Bring these awesome treats in the office and you will see many happy faces and will feel the better vibes.

It’s party time – Organizing a Christmas party is a thing, yet many employers don’t even think of organizing a summer party for the staff. Why not take the team building to a whole new level by making a great pool party with cocktails and fun. It doesn’t even have to be on a work day – Saturdays are great to have some fun together with the team, to relax and build better relationships within the team.

Move it, move it! – Get everyone moving by introducing an office work-out routine – start the day with office yoga and you will have energized team the whole day. And it is fun!

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