6 Signs Your Start-up Needs Storage

Your start-up is a growing business. That means you need to treat it like one. Storage, clutter, cleanliness and the overall atmosphere of your office can play a significant role in the culture and morale of staff. Furthermore, it can hinder employee productivity and efficiency. If your business needs storage and more space, that’s a good sign. Spending a little money on self-storage is a small price to pay for a happy office environment. So, when is it time to get some storage? 7 sign your start-up needs storage.

Employees are unsettled

Unsettled employees can be more detrimental than you think. Clutter and mess is not ideal in the workplace. Employees want a relaxed, free-flowing environment. Clearing out the office and freeing up space is a great way to reinvigorate. Putting items into storage is the best way get rid of clutter without throwing it away.

You don’t invite clients to the office

If you’re proud of your office space, you will be happy to welcome clients, friends, family and others along. A messy office with stacks of paper and excess furniture is not something you want to others to see, especially clients. If you’re embarrassed to invite people to your office, that’s a good sign it’s a mess, or there is too much stuff. Think of your office as an extension of your company; it represents the company culture and the work you do.

You are considering moving spaces

Are you thinking of moving on to something bigger? You might think that your start-up needs a change of location because it’s seeing growth. However, there could be an easier solution. If you and your staff are cramped in, you might just need to get rid of some things. Downsize a couch, consider a new layout for the desks, and store essential items more economically. Moving non-essential furniture, files, appliances, and electronics into storage will allow you to keep them for the future and free up extra room.

Retention schedule 

Do you have a staff member looking after company documents? Do you keep documents for an extended period in the fear you will need them in the future? It’s common that companies will keep documents for too long. Most documents can be scanned and digitally stored also. If you actually NEED to keep documents but don’t have enough room, self-storage is perfect. A cheap, safe and easily accessible way to store essential documents. With the sharing economy and sites like Spacer, you can find great self-storage near your office.

Companies can spend big money trying to keep documents on site. A retention schedule will allow you to stay on top of this issue. You will know what should be kept and what can go.

Struggle when employees are away

A cluttered office may be working fine until one person has a day off. Clutter makes things hard to find. If responsibility is handed on to another co-worker, they need to be able to carry out that duty in the simplest way.

Without a proper system, the ability for anyone in the office to find a product or retrieve a file will be difficult. This lowers efficiency and productivity, leading to frustration and unhappy staff.

There is no more room

This is obvious but important. There is simply no more room! Your office is getting full. The storage cupboards are full and getting anything from them is a struggle. The kitchen and break room are now doubling as a storage room to compensate. You have already put in more storage into cope and its full now. Is upsizing your office an option? Upsizing is expensive, and you can save by opting for self-storage.

Don’t ignore the signs! Your workspace is important; it’s a reflection of your business.

Emma Lewis is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a part of the team supporting Spacer – a company helping you find storage space whenever you need it. Emma is also a staunch supporter of the sharing economy and often mentions its benefits.

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