6 Websites to Find a Co-Founder for Your Startup


Choosing a co-founder for a startup venture is one of the most important decisions that an entrepreneur has to make. The co-founders must complement each other’s skills, to share the same vision for the future of the company and to succeed in leading together the company in the right direction. Investors prefer to invest in startups with more than one co-founder but they must be sure that the entrepreneurs are working well together. They take into consideration how long the founders have known each other, what is their background and want to know if they have worked on previous projects together.

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Co-founders who have known each other for a long time and have previous experience working together are more likely to achieve better results faster. But what can an entrepreneur with a great idea and ambition to build a company do if they don’t know yet the right person to become a co-founder of their startup? It has never been easier to communicate and even connect and work with people even on the other side of the globe. If you want to meet other entrepreneurs online or offline, while you are searching for the perfect co-founder fit for your startup, check these six websites.


CoFoundersLab allows the users to create a free profile before they start browsing in a search for co-founder, adviser or an intern for their company. With the free plan, you are able to contact up to five members, but there is a Pro Plan, which allows you to get in touch with an unlimited number of co-founders.



FoundersNation offers easy-to-use search tool, allowing the users to define their search terms based on skill sets and specific location.



FounderDating is the right platform for people who like to network with other entrepreneurs, to partner with a co-founder and to find or be an advisor to a starting company.



Founder2be is the platform offering the fastest way to join the community of 50 000+ co-founders and meet the right one for your business. Sign up for free, meet the co-founder that matches your requirements and get ready to start building the company of your dreams.



CollabFinder is a platform that allows people, looking to team up with other entrepreneurs, to find the right projects that match their skills and requirements. Post your ideas and build your team now!



Hachi is a platform that connects entrepreneurs with people who matter. Find your connection path to co-founders, investors, managers, partners, marketers and so on. Sky rocket your business by building the best team!



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