7 Damaging Behaviors of Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs


Successful entrepreneurs share many common traits, which help them along the way to achieving their goals. The same is true about unsuccessful people – they share similar behaviors that are holding them back on their way to success. If you want to be more productive, concentrated and motivated, avoid falling into the trap of the following seven startup-damaging behaviors of unsuccessful entrepreneurs.


Successful entrepreneurs are opportunity seekers. They tend to find the positive even in the worst situations. On the other hand, unsuccessful people focus on the negative and concentrate on the problems, not the solutions.


Unsuccessful entrepreneurs are bad leaders. They are unable to form a good team and fail to lead their employees in the right direction. They are micromanagers, who waste their employees’ time.


Time is the most valuable asset for entrepreneurs. By failing to manage effectively their time, the startup founders procrastinate more, leave important tasks unfinished, skip serious meetings and work unproductively overall.


Unsuccessful people are extremely confident. Here is important to note that the line between over-confidence and arrogance is very thin. Unsuccessful entrepreneurs tend to easily cross this line. They get blinded by their achievements and tend to believe that they are better than the rest of the world.

Not taking responsibility

Unsuccessful entrepreneurs always find a way to blame other people for their failures. They never take responsibility for their actions and can blame the team, the customers, the competition, the economy and so on about their failures.

Lack of good communication skills

Unsuccessful entrepreneurs are terrible communicators. It is difficult for people, who lack good communication skills, to build relationships with others. Entrepreneurs, who are unable to communicate effectively with their clients, with the investors or their team members, are doomed to fail.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Business owners, who fail to take care of their health, are more stressed, work more ineffectively and get burned out faster. Unsuccessful people overlook the importance of eating balanced meals and don’t find the need to stay active, which in the long run can have bad consequences.

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