The 7 Secrets of the Greatest Speakers in History

Mastering the art of public speaking has many benefits – it is a great way to share your mission and business vision with others, to gain publicity for your business, to expand your network and to impress potential investors, partners, clients and even future employees. For entrepreneurs, who are to pitch their businesses in various situations and different audiences, learning how to become more persuasive speaker is very important.

On your way to developing your personal public speaking abilities, you will need the help of professionals. So, why not learn from the best?  During his TEDxOrange Coast Talk, Richard Greene, who has been called “The Master of Charisma” by The Sunday Times, uncovers the seven secrets of the greatest speakers in history like John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., which are as follows:

  1. Words and the understanding the words can be the most amazing in the world, but they actually have just 7% impact on the audience;
  2. Voice tone – on the other hand, the tone of your voice, the passion, and enthusiasm that you speak with, have 38% impact on the audience;
  3. Body language – the way you position yourself on the stage has an impact of 55%;
  4. The importance of a message that you communicate – it should be compelling and engaging;
  5. The communication effectiveness continuum – the importance of having a conversation with your audience;
  6. Don’t forget the four languages of human communication – visual, auditory, auditory digital, and kinesthetic;
  7. The power of embracing your own authentic passion and drive.

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