7 Tools to Help You Eliminate Distractions and Stay Focused


Discipline and focus are two of the most powerful driving forces of every successful entrepreneur. The lack of concentration on what truly matters leads to poor time-management, procrastination and inability to meet important deadlines. All of this can be very harmful for your startup. Don’t let the constant distractions around you to push you back on your road to success and try these seven tools, which will help you to be more centered and purposeful.  

Reclaim your productivity with Focus – the ultimate Mac app to block distracting websites like Facebook and Reddit.


Focus Booster is a tool, based on the popular and widely-used pomodoro technique. The tool will help you not only to stay focused, but also to keep track of your time more effectively and to form better work habits.


StickK is an awesome tool that will help you to set your goals and to commit to them until you achieve them.


Inbox Pause is the tool that will help you eliminate the distraction of the constant email flow to your Gmail.

inbox pause

Freedom is well-recognized tool that will help you to stop being distracted by your phone and concentrate better on what is important.


RescueTime will help you to find the important work-life balance (as much as it is possible to talk about work-life balance when it comes to entrepreneurship).


Keep Me Out will literally keep you out from the websites that distract you the most, preventing you from overly using them.


Stay focused!

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