7 Weekend Habits That Make Mondays More Productive

Weekend habits

Setting yourself for more effective and productive start of the week does not necessarily mean that you have to work hard on the weekend. There are certain things, which are not work-related, that can help you feel more energized and focused by Monday. Here you can find a list of seven weekend habits that can help you jumpstart the next work week and keep your productivity up.

Catch up on sleep

Entrepreneurs are constantly busy. They need to prioritize well if they want to successfully complete all the tasks on the schedule and getting enough sleep rarely goes on the top of the priority list. Getting enough sleep is important, but often considered as a luxury for most of the entrepreneurs. Weekends are great time to catch up on sleep and relax. Allow yourself to sleep as much as you need without to worry about alarm clocks and hurried morning routines.

Read for pleasure

One of the habits that most successful entrepreneurs share is the habit of gaining new knowledge through reading. Entrepreneurs read to learn new things and to stay on track with everything that is happening in their niche. But weekends are great time to pick up a book that is not work-related, a fiction that you’ve always wanted to read. Reading will help you to boost your creativity and will put your imagination to work.

Try different workout routine

Entrepreneurs need to exercise regularly in order to keep their energy levels high, to stay healthy and in shape. Regular workouts are often scheduled during the week days. To make the things more interesting on the weekend, try a different workout routine that will get you moving, will be challenging and fun. Try something that you’ve never tried before – take a zumba class, go rock-climbing or attend tango lesson – anything that interests you and involves physical activity is a great option.

Meet with a friend

Entrepreneurs rarely find time to meet with friends and family during the week. They are constantly busy with networking with business partners, investors and customers. On the weekend, schedule a meeting with a friend – it is refreshing experience to socialize with people who have different interests, profession and a lifestyle than yours.


We live in a world where FOMO is starting to be a real problem for people, who find it difficult to disconnect for just couple of hours. The weekends are great time to put the smartphone, the tablet and the laptop away for a while. You will be surprised how different it feels to disconnect for a while – it may feel strange in the beginning, but then you will start to truly appreciate the time without social media notifications.


Even though most entrepreneurs are driven by bold ideas, creativity and constant curiosity, when it comes to building a company the reality sometimes hits hard. Spend time on the weekend to day-dream, to meditate and visualize your dreams and goals. It will help you to get in touch with your inner self and to concentrate on the things that truly matter.

Plan for the next week

Sunday evenings are the best time to make your plan for the up-coming week. After the weekend, you should be relaxed, more energized and motivated, which will help you to create more effective schedule and better prioritized to-do list by including higher goals to be achieved.


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