8 Ways to Simplify Your Business

The world of entrepreneurship is quite chaotic.  In times it gets too complicated that the entrepreneurs can’t keep up with the change. While some people thrive in chaos; others get completely lost in it. If you fall in the second group, you probably feel stressed and worried by the unpredictability of running a business.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

Running a company can get too complex, especially if the business grows fast. The only way to surviving and thriving is to simplify the way you run the company. Before you give up and accept the fact that you are losing control, try to implement the following 8 steps that will help you to simplify your business.

Analyze – evaluate every process of your company to understand fundamentally what the reasons for your business to get that complicated are. Be uncompromising and decisive. Now is not the time to get sentimental. When changes should be done, they should be done abruptly.

Filter your to-do list – go over your daily schedule once again in the middle of the day. Analyze it once again to eliminate tasks that have low priority or can be delegated.

Declutter digitally – digital clutter is harming your business more than you can imagine. This short digital decluttering guide will help you make the first step.

Don’t bite more than you can chew – entrepreneurs sometimes think of themselves as heroes, who have to say yes to everything. The next time before you make a promise to someone, think if you can actually do it or if it is worth doing. Always promise only what you can deliver.

Get your finance in order – keeping up with the financial aspect of your business is difficult. If you don’t work with an accountant, you definitely should consider hiring one. There are also many useful money management tools that are of a great use to entrepreneurs. Check our top 5 here.

Communicate effectively – put an end to the unnecessary time-wasting meetings. Use the power of technology to communicate effectively with your remote team. Optimize the way you spend your time and the time of your team and you will see the positive change in no time.

Ask your employees to simplify as well – communicate with your team your decision to take the step and simplify your business. Explain what motivated you to do so and why this approach will be better for the business. Ask them to join you in this venture. Business simplification works best when it is done in the whole organization.

Pitch your business in a sentence – craft the best one-sentence-pitch. Think about the most effective way to explain what your business does in less than a minute. As the brilliant Albert Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”


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