Ad Mocks: Samsung Mocks Apple, Motorola – Their Rivalry


Generating buzz around the holidays (Christmas is coming in less than a month!) is important for brands, which is why everyone is stepping up their game. So did Samsung.

Samsung is famous for mocking Apple and their users. The latest mock of Apple came with Samsung’s video, showing an iPhone user of 10 years moving to Samsung. The transaction is shown as part of becoming a grown up and focuses on the flows that iPhones have – size and the fact that they are non-waterproof.

Motorola, another tech giant, took the opportunity to follow up on the mockery add by releasing a video that seems to take up the story where Samsung left it. The video pictures a man (the actor they hired looks resembles the one from the Samsung’s video), who is envois of his girlfriend’s phone – new Moto Z2 Play smartphone.

From “Growing up” to “Up-upgrade” we can only say that it is fun to watch these tech giants mock each other!

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